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Buy Spectator Tickets!

You can still buy spectator tickets for the Winter Championship on the 5th and 6th of December at the Manchester Velodrome. We can’t wait to see you all there! Be sure to buy your tickets here. It’s a fantastic weekend to really discover more about Cheerleading and supporting our members and performers. Come along and Cheer on our Cheerleaders.

We’ve also been busy with many courses taking place this month. It’s great to see so many newly qualified leaders in such a short space of time!

We can’t wait to see you at one of our events soon!

Team UKCA.

spectator tickets2

The UKCA is in Northern Ireland this weekend!

Today we are all systems go at the Antrim Forum in Northern Ireland for the Antrim Primary Schools Festival! This event is happening throughout the whole of today, we can’t wait to see all of the cheerleaders, coaches and supporters at the event. This event is an important date in the calendar for us here at The UKCA. The majority of our cheerleaders are based in England so it can be difficult for us to arrange large events of this scale in the area of Northern Ireland. However, we do ensure that we have events which run there throughout the year, so this Festival is a wonderful experience for us to get our young cheerers together and have a fun filled day.


Due to our lack of high numbers of UKCA members within Northern Ireland we recommend that if you want to run a course or complete more UKCA events & educational based programmes, that you set up a course in your area. This is a great chance for experienced coaches and members to up their skills and take on the challenge of running a UKCA course themselves. It’s brilliant to be in control of your own training and you will be able to create a fantastic cheer community in your area. Please find all of the information for setting up a club or hosting a course in your area here.

We can’t wait for all of our events in Northern Ireland and will be adding as many events in that area as we can.

We are proud of you! Team UKCA.

Our Top 10 Favourite Things About a UKCA Comp – Part 1

The new season is here! With it comes the busiest time on our competition calendar. Are you competing? Will your friends and family be coming along?


First up, it’s our National Spring Championships on May 17th and May 18th at the Manchester Velodrome. Have you bought your tickets yet?

Whether you are competing or coming along to offer your support and enjoy the day, there are lots and lots of things to LOVE about our competitions! Today, we share part 1 of our top ten favourite things about a UKCA competition…

1. Arriving at The Event

The atmosphere is always electric at our competitions, and as you step nervously through the doors, the noise of chants and laughter fills the air. That tingly feeling in your stomach hits and you just know that it’s going to be a very exciting day!


2.Heading Down to The Dancefloor

Making your way to the warm up area and knowing your team is coming on soon is when the butterflies really hit! Staying focused and supporting your team members keeps you in control.


ukca backstage 1 sml

3. Enjoying the Show!

Watching the other teams perform and cheering them on is really fun and exciting!

ukca crowd 1 sml

4. The Mascots

Spotting the mascots and the silly costumes always makes us giggle. We love to see supporters making a big effort, dancing, clapping and showing their cheer spirit!

ukca mascots 1 sml

5. Fun & Friendship

UKCA Cheerleading is truly The Sport of Smiles, we love to see friendships bloom and develop at our competitions. Supporting each other and meeting new people with the same passion is what it’s all about. You just can’t help but have fun at a UKCA comp!

ukca friendship 1 sml

UKCA Cheerleaders

Don’t forget to check back for part 2 of our top ten favourite things about a UKCA competition!

We want to hear about your experience too! What are you doing to prepare for the competitions? Whether you are making banners, practicing hard, designing a mascot costume or working on your chants – let us know and send us your pictures! We love to see them. Tweet us @UKCheerleading or get in touch via our Facebook Page

Kobika Starlites host a Secondary School’s Competition

The Kobika Starlites hosted a secondary school’s competition on Wednesday 2nd April at Sir William Ramsay School, Hazlemere. There were 150 participants competing over two categories, with UKCA representative Mel Owen judging the evening.


Five schools produced ten squads, including:
– Wycombe High School
– Great Marlow School
– St Michael’s Catholic School
– Sir William Ramsay School
– Sir William Borlase Grammar School

This resulted in an amazing evening, made even more incredible by the incredible spirit and sportsmanship shown by all the participants and their parents!


Here’s some of the feedback from the event:

Love the way every school supports and cheers all the others. Great atmosphere.

We all really enjoyed the competition. Well done to everyone – lots of fun and energy! Thank you for all the effort that you and your team put in!
Parent – Wycombe High School

Great work tonight. Not just cause we won but the effort that the girls put in is down to you and your team! You have persisted and inspired the girls! Tonight I was so proud yet had nothing to do with it all so massive big ups to you and your ladies! Top night.
Head of PE- Great Marlow School

Check out some of the shots taken from the school’s performances:







The Kobika Starlites will be holding another school’s competition in May for primary school and are expecting over 260 participants to compete.

We always enjoy hearing and sharing UKCA team stories, so if you have something you want to share don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact us via our Facebook page or Twitter.

Congratulations to King’s School

The King’s school in Macclesfield flew out to Orlando, Florida last Friday to represent the UK at the World Schools’ Cheerleading Championships over the weekend. You can read here all about their journey and experience at the gathering of thousands of cheerleaders.

King's School

We received the amazing results from the UKCA National School Championship team this morning:

– Third in Group Stunt
– Fourth in Large Team Competition
– Second overall in the championships behind America!

A huge congratulations to Coach Rachael Burrows and the 30 strong team from Cheshire! We are proud of you, say we are proud of you!

It’s All About Confidence

The best way to have a great competition experience is to feel like you’ve performed at your absolute best. But performing at your very best doesn’t just involve wearing the best cheer uniform, getting all the stunts right and having slick choreography; you need to look and feel confident!

No matter how experienced of a cheerleader you are – whether you’re just starting out or been at it for years – you can’t help but get those butterflies in your stomach before taking to the floor. It’s perfectly natural but can take over your mind and body. You can’t necessarily change this about you, however you can act and look like you’re confident by following some of these tips:

Tip #1 – Banish Nerves

Before you take to the floor, it’s important to relax. Humming a slow song or visualising a calm scene in your mind can help your mind slow down. If your stomach is feeling funny, eating a banana will get rid of any nausea without making you feel full. Do a few stretches to relieve tension – roll your shoulders, take deep breaths, and stretch your arms, backs and legs.

If you have the time, find a quiet place to meditate – relax and concentrate on deep breathing. Avoid caffeine and any energy drinks as they’ll make you extra jittery.

Laughter is a great distraction from worrying. Chat with your friends, tell a couple of jokes

Tip #2 – Build Team Confidence

In order for everyone to perform at their best, the whole team has to be confident and united. Team building activities is a great way to do some extra bonding with your squad. You could even do a team sleepover to get everyone excited and remind everyone that competitions are supposed to be fun.

Create various goals at the beginning of the competition season. As the season progresses, celebrate when you approach or surpass a goal! If you focus on winning at competitions, you’ll set yourself up for failure if you don’t always win first place. A good aim is to get a better score than you did in previous competitions.

After a competition, take some time as a group to share one thing each teammate did well during the performance. It will help maintain a positive attitude as we are proud of ALL of you, we are proud of ALL of you.

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The King’s School in Macclesfield Represent the UK

This February sees one of the UKCA teams represent the UK in the group stunt event at the World School Cheerleading Championships in USA. The King’s School will be the first ever Macclesfield school to represent the UK in the competition held in Florida. The team of 30 girls qualified to represent their school and country in the prestigious event by winning numerous national titles at the UKCA School Championships. They are entering Cheerleading and Stunt Group categories.

UKCA Kings squad
Back row: Lucy Miller, Grace Pulley, Holly Brierley, Jessie Milton Edwards, Lauren Whitney, Rowena Moores, Kira Stevenson, Fran Robbins and Ellie Holder
Middle row: Fiona Cornish, Nikki Hughes, Tilly Stott, Emily Naismith, Evie Homer, Polly Cartwright, Lauren Kitchen and Eleanor Collett
Front row: Emily Underwood, Kelly Corcoran, Briony Phillips, Sophie Jackson, Antonia Bianchi, Olivia Moores, Jessie Krajewski, Izzy Stevens and Millie Turner
(Missing from photo but on the World Championships team are Ella Solomon, Mimi Stevens, Katie Fray and Beth Burrows.)

King School’s Cheerleading coach Rachael Burrows-Jarvis said: “This team of girls have worked hard at Cheerleading for many years to achieve this world standard with a large number now in their ninth year. Cheerleading involves stunts, gymnastics, jumps, dance and a cheer all choreographed together to create a dynamic, clean routine which is entertaining for the crowd and judges.”

The school will be competing in the International team event and the Group Event against countries from all over the world. This involves four girls throwing up numerous stunts for one minute to music, technique precision, fast transitions, team work, and crowd appeal. The four girls involved are Lauren Whitney, Bethany Burrons, Olivia Moores and Rowena Moores.

Rachael added: “The girls have worked hard at the routines and are striving to show the world what King’s and the UK can do. To make a cheerleading routine successful it is imperative that team members attend all practices as the sport relies heavily on all team members being present and practising together. For example, if one member is absent then the whole pyramid cannot be practised. It also builds up trust between members and improves strength and technique.”

“I am extremely proud of the girls and I am looking forward to their performance on the world stage and the great feeling of representing your country at something you really enjoy and have worked hard for.”

The girl will be wearing tracksuits and polo shirts which have been kindly sponsored by Lauren Whitney’s parents’ company TechTex and Richard Milner Developments.

We wish the team every success in the States and know they will do their best to make the UKCA proud!

Olympic Legacy Project in North East Northamptonshire

Chris Long, Sport Premium Officer at Prince William School in North East Northamptonshire is setting up an Olympic Legacy Project, with cheerleading a key component. The project is due to start next week and due to being let down by a coach, sessions in some of the schools are without a coach.

He is looking for a coach to take ‘Introduction to Cheerleading’ sessions for a five week block, developing a routine for competition on the 14th February in Kettering.

The schools needing a coach are:

Thrapston Primary School, Market St, Thrapston, Northants NN14 4JU. Tuesdays, 3.30-4.30.


Oundle Primary School, Milton Road, Oundle, Northants PE8 4AB Thursday 3.30-4.30

If you are interested in the position, email Chris Long at for more details.

Twas The Night Before Competition…

Christmas Cheerleading Bauble

Twas the night before competition, and all through the UKCA
Not a person was tired, ready for the big day.
The awards were hung on the wall with care
In hopes that another would soon be there.

The uniforms were nestled in the small suitcase,
The shoes were kept close and tied with lace.
Eventually to sleep, dreaming of winning,
waking to the sound of a base singing.

We ate a hearty breakfast, coach said “It is a must”.
Loaded onto the bus; leaving a trail of dust.
We entered the gym, and started to unpack,
To find nothing that we lack.

Took our seats, waiting for our time
getting excited, we just want to shine.
Pom poms shake, banners fly high,
we’re going to make the roof fly.

Taking to the floor with a skip and a hop,
just remembering not to drop.
We did our routine the best we could
as all the other teams should.

Left the mats smiling, full of cheer
that’s us done for another year
now we just wait for the result
whatever place we get, it won’t insult.

DJ Caino announces our team for the prize
we jump up cheering, what a delightful surprise.
We take the trophy and yell with glee
before grabbing our phones for a selfie.

Competition comes to an end, we just want to do it again
we’ll have to wait until Spring, for another chance to reign.
All that’s left to say is remember this day forever
Congratulations to all, and to all a good year.

Merry Christmas to all our UKCA teams!

Recognition for UKCA Competitors – Boro Cheer

We love to see your press coverage, stories and articles. There is nothing we enjoy more than seeing the hard work of our competitors recognised.

Rochdale News article

This article came on radar regarding the success of the Boro Cheer times at last weekend’s Winter Championships. To read more, click here.

This sort of coverage really highlights cheerleading and what we do here at the UKCA. It makes us very proud to see the hard work of our competitors and of cheerleaders across the UK in bringing the sport to the attention of the public.

If you or your team receive any press coverage, or have a story you think would be of interest to our readers, please get in touch! We may just feature it on our blog. Please forward any stories or information to