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UKCA Winter Championships 2018

We’ve had some incredible feedback from so many of you telling us how much you loved this year’s UKCA Winter Cheerleading Championships!

It’s the first time the competition has been held at Belle Vue Sports Village and what an atmosphere you all helped to create. We’d like to once again say a HUGE THANK YOU to everybody who made it such a successful event.

The highlights from the final competition of 2018 are now live on the Videos section of our website along with all of the highlights from our other recent competitions.

We can’t wait to see you all for more Cheer fun in 2019!

UKCA Winter Cheerleading Championships 2018 – Review

This weekend the UKCA Winter Championships 2018 took place for the first time at Belle Vue Sports Village, showcasing some of the finest Cheer talent in the country.

The final competition of 2018 saw Cheer athletes competed across Cheerleading, Group Stunt, Partner Stunt, Pom Dance, Cheer Dance and Urban Cheer categories, followed each day by the customary Mascot Showdown!

Buckley Cheerleading Club lit up the venue with a sparkling opening performance to the competition. We were lead through the morning by Cheerleading and Group Stunt teams before the first of THREE Awards Ceremonies that would take place over the weekend. The afternoon of Day 1 saw another batch of fantastic Cheerleading, Group Stunt and Partner Stunt teams proving their talent to the judges before the day’s Mascot Showdown and our second Awards Ceremony.

Day 2 began with Flux Dance Academy as we were treated to a morning of first-class Pom Dance routines followed by an incredible afternoon of Cheer Dance and Urban Cheer performances. Sunday’s Mascot Showdown soon followed and we ended the day with our third and final Awards Ceremony.

As always at UKCA competitions, the standards on display from the Cheer athletes were exceptionally high, making it a magnificent weekend for both spectators and judges.

All of the results from the weekend can be found at:
Saturday Morning Results
Saturday Afternoon Results
Sunday Results.

Saturday’s winners of the Gateley Spirit Award were Wigan Vipers.

And Sunday’s winners of the Insure4Sport Spirit Award were Smiths Academy!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our organisers, staff, volunteers and stewards who made sure the event ran smoothly, our spectators who created an amazing atmosphere and our hosts for guiding us through a fun filled weekend!

Check out some of the highlights from social media:

Stay tuned for our official highlights video coming soon!

Well done to everyone who took part, you smashed it. We can’t wait to see you in 2019. We are proud of you!

Congratulations to all our newly qualified coaches

This week UKCA hosted 4 courses at Cedar’s Academy giving prospective Cheer coaches valuable training and insight that will take them to the next stage on their Cheerleading pathway.

The week started with a Leadership Award on Monday followed by a Foundation Cheerleading Skills Course on Tuesday. Wednesday’s course was Foundation Stunt Skills and we ended the week of successful training with a Foundation Tumbling Skills course on Thursday.

Including our Foundation Stunt Skills course on Saturday in Macclesfield, we have celebrated 56 new UKCA qualifications in 3 key areas in less than a week. Amazing!

Here are some highlights from the Foundation Cheerleading Course on Tuesday:

We’d like to say a huge well done to all of our newly qualified coaches! It’s fantastic to see so many talented Cheer coaches qualifying in their chosen area who will one day be training the Cheer athletes of the future.

Feel inspired by our newly certified coaches? Book on to one of our upcoming training courses and take the next step on your Cheerleading journey:

5 Courses in 6 Days – Book Your Place

Over half-term UKCA have 5 fantastic training opportunities in the space of just 6 days and there is still places available for you to get involved.

UKCA offers extensive training courses for Coaches, Cheerleaders, Judges, Officials, Young Leaders and Volunteers in the disciplines of Cheerleading, Stunting, Tumbling, Urban Cheer, Cheer Dance & Pom Dance. We aim to provide a positive channel for health and social education to all through Cheerleading regardless of gender, class, creed, culture, race or physical limitations. Our coaching pathway gives the Cheer athletes of the future a head start in the sport.

Check out the courses below and take the next step on your Cheerleading journey with UKCA:

Team UK 2019 Update

Team UK 2019
Cheerleading World Championships
Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th November

We are looking for talented athletes to represent the United Kingdom at the Cheerleading World Championships on the 23rd & 24th November 2019, in the following categories:

Cheer Dance
Urban Cheer
Must be 12yrs or over on day of competition – cannot be 16yrs

Cheer Dance
Urban Cheer
Must be 16yrs or over on day of competition – no upper limit

Athletes must have competed in a UKCA 2018 competition
Athletes must also commit to compete in a UKCA 2019 competition

Training Dates: Team UK will commence in January 2019. Training sessions will be held once a month. There will be no Team UK training in the month of August 2019.
Dates and locations to be confirmed once Team UK has been selected

The estimated costs will be approximately £1200. This will include, but not be limited to, training sessions for 11 months, flights, accommodation, transfers, training kits, Team UK Tracksuits, Team UK competition uniforms and bows. Successful athletes and dancers will pay a deposit of £250 in November 2018. This is non-refundable and will go towards their final balance.

Application Process
First Stage: Video Application – Video application deadline date: 14th September 2018
Successful applicants for the second stage will be announced by 1st October 2018

Second Stage: Successful applicants will be invited to training days on 13th and/or 14th October 2018
Location: Macclesfield
Successful applicants for TEAM UK 2019 will be announced by 1st December 2018

How to apply
Athletes should demonstrate the required skills in a video no longer than 90 seconds. If applying for a position on the Cheerleading team, ensure that the athlete lets us know which athlete they are and what they are wearing on the application form.

Urban Cheer This Autumn

Earlier this year UKCA announced our brand new Urban Cheer Qualification.

Urban Cheer has been brought in to replace Street Cheer and has some slight updates from its previous model. To find out more information, check out the video below:

Urban Cheer Online Conversion Course!

As you will have seen on our social media feeds in recent weeks, we have a Urban Cheer Conversion Course that covers all the changes and new rules taking you from Street Cheer to Urban Cheer. The online course is available in the UKCA Member Dashboard to all qualified Street Cheer coaches. Take the course today.

This autumn is your chance to take our brand new Urban Cheer courses:

If you have a Street Cheer qualification you can attend our Urban Cheer Course at the end of September for just £30!

UKCA Competition Dates 2019

Exciting news! The UKCA competition dates for 2019 have now been confirmed and released!

Our 5 annual competitions are now live in our competition calendar. We’ll kick-off the year of Cheer competition on 22nd & 23rd February with the Antrim & Newtownabbey Primary School Festival 2019 and the NI National Schools & Club Championships 2019. On the 23rd & 24th March Belle Vue Sports Village in Manchester will host the UKCA National Championships 2019. In May the UKCA Spring Championships 2019 will take place at the Manchester Velodrome on the 18th & 19th May followed by the UKCA National Schools’ Championships 2019 on the 22nd & 23rd June. After the summer break the UKCA Winter Championships 2019 will return to Belle Vue Sports Village in Manchester.

It promises to be another exciting year!

Before then, the UKCA Winter Championships 2018 will take place on the 1st & 2nd December 2018 at Belle Vue Sports Village in Manchester.

Visit the event page in the competition calendar to make your entry today.

Entries close on the 28th October 2018.

UKCA Courses This Autumn

Now that the competition season takes a break until the UKCA Winter Cheerleading Championships 2018 you might be struggling to get your fix of Cheerleading.

Competitions are only a small part of what the UKCA offer it’s members. In-between our annual events we put on a range of training courses to help Coaches, Cheerleaders, Judges, Officials, Young Leaders and Volunteers develop their skill and prospects within the sport.

Coming up in the next few months:

Foundation Cheerleading Skills @ Rochdale – From 10.00 till 16.00

Intermediate Stunt Skills @ Macclesfield – From 9am till 5pm

Urban Cheer Foundation Skills @ North Shields – From 10.00 till 16.00

Leadership Award @ Cedars Academy – From 10.00 till 16.00

Foundation Cheerleading Skills @ Cedars Academy – From 10.00 till 16.00

Foundation Stunt Skills @ Cedars Academy – From 9.00 till 17.00

Foundation Tumbling Skills @ Cedars Academy – From 9.00 till 17.00

If you are unsure about which course to choose, or which will be right for your requirements, please use our Course Finder to assist you.

If you are interested in hosting a course, check out last week’s news article for more information on how you can make a positive impact on an athletes sporting careers and help to build a bright future for the sport:

UKCA Videos

2018 has been another fantastic year for UKCA competition. Already this year we’ve seen 4 fantastic UKCA events take place, showcasing some exceptional skill, Cheer spirit and most of all fun!

We started the season with the NI Schools’ and Club Championship 2018 in Antrim, Northern Ireland followed soon after by the UKCA National Championships 2018 in Manchester. May then saw UKCA hold it’s inaugural event at Belle Vue Sports Village in Manchester before returning to the National Cycling Centre in June for the UKCA National Schools’ Championships 2018. It’s fair to say it’s been an incredibly busy but also an immensely fun and exciting year so far! We’re now looking forward to the UKCA Winter Cheerleading Championships 2018 in December…AGES AWAY RIGHT?!

Don’t worry, we’ve created a section on our website to feed your Cheerleading cravings and keep you up-to-date with the UKCA competition action. The UKCA Videos section has all of the highlights, special performances and fun times from past UKCA competitions all in one place so you can get inspired, stay entertained, reminisce and maybe even spot you and your squad in action!

Grab your snacks and visit UKCA VIDEOS today!