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About Our Competitions

UKCA competitions are thrilling and exciting events where everyone is encouraged to take part, demonstrate a high level of skill and have fun! We utilise the very best quality sound, lighting and equipment in some of the most outstanding sports venues in the UK and Northern Ireland.

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Spectators and competitors alike can enjoy fantastic surroundings and excellent facilities in a safe, secure and organised environment. A variety of food, drink and merchandise options are available onsite throughout our events.

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The Spirit Award

This sporting spirit is encouraged and developed throughout our programs and events. During all of our competitions, each team, and their supporters, are given the opportunity to win the much coveted Spirit Award. This trophy is given to the team and supporters who show the greatest level of support for everyone taking part in the competition. So don’t forget to bring your banners and your best sporting spirit and get ready to chant and make some noise!

All Cheerleaders will receive a commemorative medal & certificate. Teams in 1st through to 3rd place in all Categories & Divisions will be awarded trophies.


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