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A Thank You From Team Spirit

We love receiving messages of thanks from our teams. Check out this one we received from Team Spirit Coach Lindsey High:

“I put forward four young leaders to attend the UKCA Cheerleading Leadership course held on Saturday 8th February 2014.

Team Spirit
Sienna Naden, Olivia Walllace, Elisa Lee, and Anna Ward were selected over many other young people to step onto the coaching ladder.

The timing of the course, coupled with bursary funding from Greater Sport could not have come at a better point in the year, as we are deep in preparation for up and coming competitions. The girls gained so much from the course and really got stuck in every way possible, now demonstrating great leadership qualities.

Coaching Course
They have worked in pairs to deliver sections of the class not only rotating who they coach with but, also which element of the class they teach. This was an idea we discussed so we can all get the same standard and expectation as a leadership team. Additionally, we feedback to individuals to positively enhance each others coaching styles and understanding.

They have been on hand throughout classes to assist with and deliver:
– Warm ups
– Stretch
– Final Choreography for routines
– Correction of technique
– Registration
– Distribute and log uniform

They look forward to each class bringing in their Leadership booklets, logging the volunteer hours and continually developing their coaching skills with a renewed excitement.

Coach Course Members
Thank you for your support so far in Team Spirits’ Coach Development Pathway.”

Here at the UKCA we pride ourselves on providing the best courses and Cheerleading tuition and receiving messages like this lets us know that we are doing our jobs correctly.

We’re always thrilled to hear stories about a team’s achievements and progression! If your team has a story to tell then please get in touch through our Facebook or Twitter pages.

It’s All About Confidence

The best way to have a great competition experience is to feel like you’ve performed at your absolute best. But performing at your very best doesn’t just involve wearing the best cheer uniform, getting all the stunts right and having slick choreography; you need to look and feel confident!

No matter how experienced of a cheerleader you are – whether you’re just starting out or been at it for years – you can’t help but get those butterflies in your stomach before taking to the floor. It’s perfectly natural but can take over your mind and body. You can’t necessarily change this about you, however you can act and look like you’re confident by following some of these tips:

Tip #1 – Banish Nerves

Before you take to the floor, it’s important to relax. Humming a slow song or visualising a calm scene in your mind can help your mind slow down. If your stomach is feeling funny, eating a banana will get rid of any nausea without making you feel full. Do a few stretches to relieve tension – roll your shoulders, take deep breaths, and stretch your arms, backs and legs.

If you have the time, find a quiet place to meditate – relax and concentrate on deep breathing. Avoid caffeine and any energy drinks as they’ll make you extra jittery.

Laughter is a great distraction from worrying. Chat with your friends, tell a couple of jokes

Tip #2 – Build Team Confidence

In order for everyone to perform at their best, the whole team has to be confident and united. Team building activities is a great way to do some extra bonding with your squad. You could even do a team sleepover to get everyone excited and remind everyone that competitions are supposed to be fun.

Create various goals at the beginning of the competition season. As the season progresses, celebrate when you approach or surpass a goal! If you focus on winning at competitions, you’ll set yourself up for failure if you don’t always win first place. A good aim is to get a better score than you did in previous competitions.

After a competition, take some time as a group to share one thing each teammate did well during the performance. It will help maintain a positive attitude as we are proud of ALL of you, we are proud of ALL of you.

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Kobika Starlites at Santa Fun Run

Yesterday morning the Kobika Starlites braved the cold winter weather to cheer “Let’s go Santa’s. Let’s go!” to 2000 runners dressed as Santa Claus for a Fun Run in Marlow.

Kobika Starlites at Santa Fun Run

The annual event held at Higginson Park sees thousands of people adorn the famous red and white outfit to raise money to help the South Bucks Hospice with their work on a new hospice. As well as helping other Rotary charities.

In the last eight years, over 6900 runners have helped raise a staggering £115,000 for good causes.

Kobika Starlites cheering at Fun Run

Santa lift

We can only imagine the sight of hundreds of Santa’s running and walking 5km (3 miles) around the streets of Marlow. What a way to kick off the festive season! We are so proud that the Kobika Starlites went along to cheer and show their support for the generous runners.

Amongst the Santa’s was Matalan Sporting Promise Ambassador, Sir Steve Redgrave, who the team managed to get a sneaky photo with.

Kobika Starlites with Sir Steve Redgrave

We are proud of you. Say we are proud of you!

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