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Basic Skills Course

Tutor Hannah from Loud & Proud Cheer has sent us some more pictures from one of this week’s brilliant courses. This one was a basic skills course…











Everybody gave it their all and had a fantastic time. A huge well done to everybody who took part.

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A Thank You From Team Spirit

We love receiving messages of thanks from our teams. Check out this one we received from Team Spirit Coach Lindsey High:

“I put forward four young leaders to attend the UKCA Cheerleading Leadership course held on Saturday 8th February 2014.

Team Spirit
Sienna Naden, Olivia Walllace, Elisa Lee, and Anna Ward were selected over many other young people to step onto the coaching ladder.

The timing of the course, coupled with bursary funding from Greater Sport could not have come at a better point in the year, as we are deep in preparation for up and coming competitions. The girls gained so much from the course and really got stuck in every way possible, now demonstrating great leadership qualities.

Coaching Course
They have worked in pairs to deliver sections of the class not only rotating who they coach with but, also which element of the class they teach. This was an idea we discussed so we can all get the same standard and expectation as a leadership team. Additionally, we feedback to individuals to positively enhance each others coaching styles and understanding.

They have been on hand throughout classes to assist with and deliver:
– Warm ups
– Stretch
– Final Choreography for routines
– Correction of technique
– Registration
– Distribute and log uniform

They look forward to each class bringing in their Leadership booklets, logging the volunteer hours and continually developing their coaching skills with a renewed excitement.

Coach Course Members
Thank you for your support so far in Team Spirits’ Coach Development Pathway.”

Here at the UKCA we pride ourselves on providing the best courses and Cheerleading tuition and receiving messages like this lets us know that we are doing our jobs correctly.

We’re always thrilled to hear stories about a team’s achievements and progression! If your team has a story to tell then please get in touch through our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Level 1 Cheerleading Leadership Award at Wright Robinson College

Last weekend, Wright Robinson College hosted our Level 1 Cheerleading Leadership Award course for UKCA coaches. The course teaches arm motions, jump technique, cheers, chants and choreography. As well as this it gives the skills to lesson plan and covers skills – including an introduction to cheerleading – necessary to coach at a basic level in schools and community clubs/groups.

The course is aimed at under 18-year-olds who want to gain some coaching/teaching experience the focus of this course is communication, motivation and safety. Success on the course awards participants with a Leadership Award that allows them to then go on and participate in our Level 2 Basic Skills Qualification.

Check out these pictures and tweets from the course:


@UKCheerleading: “Busy leadership course underway this morning #coachesofthefuture”


@UKCheerleading: “Dynamic stretching time at leadership course #coachesofthefuture”



@brace_gaines: “Had a great day with @UKCheerleading and passed my leadership course!”

For information on what courses are available, please check out our course diary.

Intermediate Tumbling at Wright Robinson College – 11/01/14

Last weekend, Wright Robinson College hosted our Intermediate Tumbling course for UKCA coaches. The course enables participants to coach handsprings and vertical rotations within stunts and basket tosses.

The course is aimed for participants aged 13 and up who hold the UKCA Cheerleading 2 Basic Stunts as well as Tumbling Level 2 Certificate. Success on the course awards participants with a Certificate of Qualification as well as the ability to become an Assistant Coach.

UKCA coach Karen Graham had this to say about the event:

Well done candidate coaches. We had a fabulous day of tumbling, very tired by the end but we certainly achieved much. We are proud of you!

Check out these pictures from the course:

Intermediate Tumbling - Warm Up

Intermediate Tumbling - Exercise

Intermediate Tumbling - Explaining Tumble

Intermediate Tumbling - Assisted Tumble

Intermediate Tumbling - Tumble

Intermediate Tumbling - Tumbling

Intermediate Tumbling - Tumbling

If you’re looking to enhance your cheerleading skills, check out our Course Diary now to find a course suitable for you.

Olympic Legacy Project in North East Northamptonshire

Chris Long, Sport Premium Officer at Prince William School in North East Northamptonshire is setting up an Olympic Legacy Project, with cheerleading a key component. The project is due to start next week and due to being let down by a coach, sessions in some of the schools are without a coach.

He is looking for a coach to take ‘Introduction to Cheerleading’ sessions for a five week block, developing a routine for competition on the 14th February in Kettering.

The schools needing a coach are:

Thrapston Primary School, Market St, Thrapston, Northants NN14 4JU. Tuesdays, 3.30-4.30.


Oundle Primary School, Milton Road, Oundle, Northants PE8 4AB Thursday 3.30-4.30

If you are interested in the position, email Chris Long at for more details.

UKCA Cheerleading Camp

After the success of this year’s cheerleading camp, The UKCA, in partnership with Let Me Play, are offering another intense five day cheerleading camp in 2014. Hosted at the Elmhurst School for Dance in Birmingham, starting 27th July until 1st August, the camp brings together both novice and advanced cheerleaders offering the opportunity to experience a variety of cheerleading styles through entertaining, powerful and high energy routines.

Cheerleading Camp Flyer

The camp is the perfect opportunity to practice for try-outs in a fun and safe environment and promises to motivate young cheerleaders to reaching their full potential in this unique athletic discipline. Participants will develop team work skills – an essential element in the sport of cheerleading – as well as improve their individual ability and competence.

There a wide variety of activities and workshops at the camp, carried out by UKCA qualified, professional cheerleading coaches. Here’s what you can expect:

– Training in unique cheerleading skills including cheers, chants, jumps, arm motions, stunts, tumbles & dance.
– Tumbling instruction in a safe environment.
– Lessons in correct stunting techniques.
– Individual analysis and feedback.
– Perfect preparation for try-outs.
– State-of-the-art facilities comprising of 7 large dance studios, as well as a 200-seat studio theatre, and on-site accommodation and catering facilities.

The week culminates with a filmed performance and awards, watched by family and friends, which is also available on DVD.

Check out this video from the 2013 Cheerleading Camp to see what they are all about…

For more information, please call 0208 735 5379 or email

For a 2014 application form please click here.

Stretching Guide for Cheerleading

Stretching is an essential part of cheerleading. A good stretching routine can help to minimize muscle imbalances, prevent injury, improve your calisthenic ability and your overall cheerleading performance.

Stretching has created a guide to stretching that could be useful to our cheerleaders wanting to practice at home and to coaches looking for exercises for a class or training session.

If practising at home, it is advisable that you check with your parents/coaches first before trying poses yourself. Take it easy with the stretches to begin with. Don’t try new stretches on your own without help, and don’t overdo them. Do what your body can handle; stretches should never hurt.

Follow this link for the stretching guide.

Level 3 Cheerleading Basic Stunts @Cedars Academy

This half-term Cedars Academy hosted a Level 3 Cheerleading Basic Stunts course. The course is a mixture of practical and theory covering: safe stunt technique, body preparation, choreography, lesson planning and health and safety.

The course is suitable for adults over 18 (or under 18’s in year 9 or above) with the UKCA Cheerleading Basic Skills Certificate.

We received these pictures and messages from the course participants and wanted to share the cheerleaders’ hard work with you all:

Level 3 Cheerleading Basic Stunts

Level 3 Cheerleading Basic Stunts

Level 3 Cheerleading Basic Stunts

Level 3 Cheerleading Basic Stunts

Level 3 Cheerleading Basic Stunts

Katie “Kobika” Cobie: “A massive thank you to Kim and Hannah. Their delivery of the courses was wonderful and the girls have learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.”

@laurenrosebaker: “Had an awesome 2 days thanks to @UKCheerleading. Great tutors. Great people. :D”

Level 3 Cheerleading Basic Stunts

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Our Most Successful Leadership Course to Date!

On Saturday we held a very successful leadership course. With 35 candidates in attendance, it was our largest UKCA Leadership Course delivered to date! All candidates passed the exam to become young leaders with 21 attaining 100%. A fantastic result.
‘We are proud of you say, we are proud of you!’

UKCA Cheerleading Courses Coach

UKCA Cheer Course Coach

UKCA Cheerleading Course Coach



Our courses are rapidly becoming more popular, because of this we urgently require Street Cheer qualified Coaches to deliver sessions in Croydon, Hull, Manchester and Stockport. If you are interested please contact us for further details about how you can become a part of our exciting and rewarding courses.