Twas The Night Before Competition…

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Twas The Night Before Competition…

Christmas Cheerleading Bauble

Twas the night before competition, and all through the UKCA
Not a person was tired, ready for the big day.
The awards were hung on the wall with care
In hopes that another would soon be there.

The uniforms were nestled in the small suitcase,
The shoes were kept close and tied with lace.
Eventually to sleep, dreaming of winning,
waking to the sound of a base singing.

We ate a hearty breakfast, coach said “It is a must”.
Loaded onto the bus; leaving a trail of dust.
We entered the gym, and started to unpack,
To find nothing that we lack.

Took our seats, waiting for our time
getting excited, we just want to shine.
Pom poms shake, banners fly high,
we’re going to make the roof fly.

Taking to the floor with a skip and a hop,
just remembering not to drop.
We did our routine the best we could
as all the other teams should.

Left the mats smiling, full of cheer
that’s us done for another year
now we just wait for the result
whatever place we get, it won’t insult.

DJ Caino announces our team for the prize
we jump up cheering, what a delightful surprise.
We take the trophy and yell with glee
before grabbing our phones for a selfie.

Competition comes to an end, we just want to do it again
we’ll have to wait until Spring, for another chance to reign.
All that’s left to say is remember this day forever
Congratulations to all, and to all a good year.

Merry Christmas to all our UKCA teams!

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