Spring National Championships

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Spring National Championships

Our Top 10 Favourite Things About a UKCA Comp – Part 2

Last week we shared part 1 of our Top 10 Favourite Things About a UKCA Comp. Did you read it? Today, it’s time for part 2!…

6. Hitting The Dancefloor!

You’ve worked on your routine for months, there have been falls and bruises, and moves practiced a million times. You are ready.

Your heart beats faster and your feel your stomach flip, you wait patiently with your team as the music winds down from the previous performance. You feel the glare of the lights and hear the crowd quieten down. Your music comes on, you put your hands in the air and smile. It’s time to hit the floor!

ukca dancefloor 1 sml

ukca dancefloor 2 sml

7. That Feeling When You’ve Completed Your Routine

The months of hard work were worth it, you went out there and gave it your all! Your team and supporters hug you and cheer as loudly as they can. You did it!

ukca finished routine 1 sml

ukca finished routine 2 sml

8. DJ Caino

He dances, he sings along, he makes us laugh. He gets the crowd going and he looks after everyone. He also leads the best dance offs of any Cheerleading comp in the UK. What can we say? We love our DJ Caino!

caino 1 sml

ukca dancing with caino 1 sml


9. Your Handiwork!

We just love to see how creative you can all be. At every competition we are blown away by the time and effort put in to your handmade banners and gifts for the other teams. With all that cheer practice – we just don’t know how you find the time!

ukca banners 1 sml

ukca banner 2 sml


10. Your Cheer Spirit!

For us, there is no better or more exciting feeling than when you are all raising the roof at one of our events. The thunder of your chanting when everyone comes together is electric! Will your team be in the running for The Spirit Award this year?

ukca supporters 1 sml

ukca cheerspirit 1 sml

So there you have it! Our top ten favourite things about a UKCA competition. What are yours? Do you think we missed anything out? Get in touch and let us know! We love to hear from you!

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Our Top 10 Favourite Things About a UKCA Comp – Part 1

The new season is here! With it comes the busiest time on our competition calendar. Are you competing? Will your friends and family be coming along?


First up, it’s our National Spring Championships on May 17th and May 18th at the Manchester Velodrome. Have you bought your tickets yet?

Whether you are competing or coming along to offer your support and enjoy the day, there are lots and lots of things to LOVE about our competitions! Today, we share part 1 of our top ten favourite things about a UKCA competition…

1. Arriving at The Event

The atmosphere is always electric at our competitions, and as you step nervously through the doors, the noise of chants and laughter fills the air. That tingly feeling in your stomach hits and you just know that it’s going to be a very exciting day!


2.Heading Down to The Dancefloor

Making your way to the warm up area and knowing your team is coming on soon is when the butterflies really hit! Staying focused and supporting your team members keeps you in control.


ukca backstage 1 sml

3. Enjoying the Show!

Watching the other teams perform and cheering them on is really fun and exciting!

ukca crowd 1 sml

4. The Mascots

Spotting the mascots and the silly costumes always makes us giggle. We love to see supporters making a big effort, dancing, clapping and showing their cheer spirit!

ukca mascots 1 sml

5. Fun & Friendship

UKCA Cheerleading is truly The Sport of Smiles, we love to see friendships bloom and develop at our competitions. Supporting each other and meeting new people with the same passion is what it’s all about. You just can’t help but have fun at a UKCA comp!

ukca friendship 1 sml

UKCA Cheerleaders

Don’t forget to check back for part 2 of our top ten favourite things about a UKCA competition!

We want to hear about your experience too! What are you doing to prepare for the competitions? Whether you are making banners, practicing hard, designing a mascot costume or working on your chants – let us know and send us your pictures! We love to see them. Tweet us @UKCheerleading or get in touch via our Facebook Page