Cheerleading World Championships

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Cheerleading World Championships

The King’s School in Macclesfield Represent the UK

This February sees one of the UKCA teams represent the UK in the group stunt event at the World School Cheerleading Championships in USA. The King’s School will be the first ever Macclesfield school to represent the UK in the competition held in Florida. The team of 30 girls qualified to represent their school and country in the prestigious event by winning numerous national titles at the UKCA School Championships. They are entering Cheerleading and Stunt Group categories.

UKCA Kings squad
Back row: Lucy Miller, Grace Pulley, Holly Brierley, Jessie Milton Edwards, Lauren Whitney, Rowena Moores, Kira Stevenson, Fran Robbins and Ellie Holder
Middle row: Fiona Cornish, Nikki Hughes, Tilly Stott, Emily Naismith, Evie Homer, Polly Cartwright, Lauren Kitchen and Eleanor Collett
Front row: Emily Underwood, Kelly Corcoran, Briony Phillips, Sophie Jackson, Antonia Bianchi, Olivia Moores, Jessie Krajewski, Izzy Stevens and Millie Turner
(Missing from photo but on the World Championships team are Ella Solomon, Mimi Stevens, Katie Fray and Beth Burrows.)

King School’s Cheerleading coach Rachael Burrows-Jarvis said: “This team of girls have worked hard at Cheerleading for many years to achieve this world standard with a large number now in their ninth year. Cheerleading involves stunts, gymnastics, jumps, dance and a cheer all choreographed together to create a dynamic, clean routine which is entertaining for the crowd and judges.”

The school will be competing in the International team event and the Group Event against countries from all over the world. This involves four girls throwing up numerous stunts for one minute to music, technique precision, fast transitions, team work, and crowd appeal. The four girls involved are Lauren Whitney, Bethany Burrons, Olivia Moores and Rowena Moores.

Rachael added: “The girls have worked hard at the routines and are striving to show the world what King’s and the UK can do. To make a cheerleading routine successful it is imperative that team members attend all practices as the sport relies heavily on all team members being present and practising together. For example, if one member is absent then the whole pyramid cannot be practised. It also builds up trust between members and improves strength and technique.”

“I am extremely proud of the girls and I am looking forward to their performance on the world stage and the great feeling of representing your country at something you really enjoy and have worked hard for.”

The girl will be wearing tracksuits and polo shirts which have been kindly sponsored by Lauren Whitney’s parents’ company TechTex and Richard Milner Developments.

We wish the team every success in the States and know they will do their best to make the UKCA proud!

IFC 7th World Championships 2013: Day 2

Day 2 of the Cheerleading World Championships in Thailand saw Team UK competing in the Cheer Dance, Group Stunts and All Female Cheer sections.

The United Kingdom scored 256.5 overall in the All Female Cheer section, here they are just taking to the mats for their performance…

Team UK Cheer Dance 2

They also competed in the Cheer Dance category and received an impressive 284.5 points. Well done team!

In the Group Stunt section, Team UK received 146.5 points for their effort and deserve a massive well done. Here’s some pictures from their performance…

Team UK Cheer Dance 1

Team UK Cheer Dance 3

Team UK Cheer Dance 4

Team UK Cheer Dance 5

The Cheerleading World Championships are over and we are so proud of the multiple achievements that Team UK has had out in Thailand.

We are proud of you. Say we are proud of you!

IFC 7th Cheerleading World Championships 2013: Day 1

Today Team UK competed in the Cheer Dance, Group Stunt Mixed, and Cheer All Female at the Cheerleading World Championships in Thailand.

Here they are performing in the Group Stunt Mixed category where they received 75 points, doing the United Kingdom and the UKCA proud:

Team UK Group Stunt 2

Team UK Group Stunt 1

Team UK Group Stunt 3

Next up is Team UK performing in the Cheer Dance category where they received 136.5 points:

Cheer Dance 1

Cheer Dance 2

And finally the results are in for the All Female Cheer…125 points! Well done Team UK we are all so proud of you.

IFC 7th Cheerleading World Championships 2013: Opening Ceremony

Team UK touched down in Thailand this week to take part in the Cheerleading World Championships. The competition kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony featuring amazing displays and performances and we just had to share some of the pictures with all of you.

Impact Arena

Opening Ceremony 1

Opening Ceremony 2


We are so proud that a team made up of UKCA squads is representing the UK at this massive competition.