The UKCA is in Northern Ireland this weekend!

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The UKCA is in Northern Ireland this weekend!

Today we are all systems go at the Antrim Forum in Northern Ireland for the Antrim Primary Schools Festival! This event is happening throughout the whole of today, we can’t wait to see all of the cheerleaders, coaches and supporters at the event. This event is an important date in the calendar for us here at The UKCA. The majority of our cheerleaders are based in England so it can be difficult for us to arrange large events of this scale in the area of Northern Ireland. However, we do ensure that we have events which run there throughout the year, so this Festival is a wonderful experience for us to get our young cheerers together and have a fun filled day.


Due to our lack of high numbers of UKCA members within Northern Ireland we recommend that if you want to run a course or complete more UKCA events & educational based programmes, that you set up a course in your area. This is a great chance for experienced coaches and members to up their skills and take on the challenge of running a UKCA course themselves. It’s brilliant to be in control of your own training and you will be able to create a fantastic cheer community in your area. Please find all of the information for setting up a club or hosting a course in your area here.

We can’t wait for all of our events in Northern Ireland and will be adding as many events in that area as we can.

We are proud of you! Team UKCA.

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