Winter Championships

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Winter Championships

Enter the Winter Championship!

It’s the beginning of October and we’re already looking forward to the Winter Championships at the Manchester Velodrome, we can’t wait for another 2 days of Cheerleading! With so many varied categories showcased throughout the weekend, from Pom Dance to Street Cheer there’s lots to be excited about.


The deadline for Competition entries into the Winter Championships is the 30th October 2015, so get your entries in as soon as you can! No matter the level of Cheerleading, Coaching or Training that you’re at there’s a category for everyone to truly excel in. It’s £20 for each competitor to enter the Winter Championships per category. On Saturday the 5th of December the Manchester Velodrome will be bursting with all Cheerleading divisions, categories and levels. Sunday 6th December brings Pom Dance, Cheer Dance, Street Cheer & Freestyle to the Championships! Which day are you looking forward to the most? It’s going to be a truly amazing Cheer weekend.


To enter the Winter Championships you can follow this link here and Sign In to the online UKCA system. To enter a Competition you will need to register your Club and Cheerleaders, we recommend using our ‘How To: Use Our Club Management Tool’ guide to help you along with this process. Next, to enter your Club into the relevant categories you must use our Competition entry system, you can use our ‘How To: Enter a UKCA Competition’ helpful article if you need any further guidance.


We can’t wait to see you at the Winter Championships!

We are proud of you.


Winter Championships are Here!

Are you excited for the Winter Championships?

Well you should be, because it all begins tomorrow!! You’ve got just enough time to get your last practices in tonight, before you hit the mats at the Manchester Velodrome in the morning. But whether it’s your slot in the morning or afternoon, Saturday or Sunday, you will all have your chance this weekend to show what you can do! Click here for more info on the event from the venue.


It’s time to shine this weekend for all UKCA members, whether you are a cheerleader, coach, volunteer or supporter, everyone has their role to play in the event. So make sure you give it your all no matter what. If you are a supporter then show your support for all of the teams involved, and spread your positive energy throughout the Velodrome! We are all there to support each other so let’s make sure we do just that!

Also, if your team/squad has a Twitter account then tweet us your username so that we can mention you across the weekend! The hashtag for the Winter Championships this weekend is #UKCA, so add the hashtag to your tweets and we will be able to pick up what you mention!


We love to interact with you all on the day, so do not hesitate to tweet @UKCheerleading with your messages, pictures and videos. We can share, retweet and see all of your interaction, which is such a great part of the competition!

Who’s going to win that Spirit Award? Keep the energy high, show your support & it could be you!

We can’t wait for the weekend, we’re looking forward to seeing you all there! Let’s go UKCA!

The Exeter Cheer Festival 2014!

The Exeter Cheer Festival 2014 was a fantastic way to start November! We had such a great day, it’s brilliant to see so many UKCA members competing across the country. There has been a fantastic response to the event online, especially across social media and we have some of the best comments and discussions featured here.

The anticipation for next year’s event is already growing within the Cheerleading Squads, “Can Not Wait for next year! This Year was such an inspiration! We are back in the gym working hard on all new fun stuff” was shared across Twitter by the Ilfracombe Tornados, keep up with them @ilftornados. With all of their excitement it is no wonder that the Ilfracombe Tornados won the Spirit Award for the second year running – congratulations to them!
In regards of next year’s event there was a very important announcement made by The Exeter Cheer Festival here: “2015 Exeter Cheer Festival will be on Saturday 17th October. For more info email” was sent from their Twitter account, so make sure you follow them @exetercheerfest for all of their upcoming news. More important announcements were made as The Exeter Cheer Festival shared a lovely thank you on Facebook: “Would like to say a huge thank you to all Cheer teams and coaches for their hard work and dedication. Once again, all amazing routines. Safe journey home to all. Hope to see you again next year. Photos to follow shortly. Sara x” – via The Exeter Cheer Festival Facebook page.

The event organiser over at The Exeter Cheer Festival is Sarah Hole, she works extremely hard each year to bring the event together, and what a fantastic job she has done yet again. Working together with Mike Euridge of Exeter Gymnastics Club they bring great atmosphere to Exeter on a yearly basis. Their hope is that the Festival will be included in The City of Exeter “Cultural Programme”.

Many more great comments and images were shared like these from The Exeter Starlites: “Well done to everyone who competed at @exetercheerfest yesterday, we had an amazing day. Look at those trophies!” – Exeter Starlites on Twitter (image via @ExeterStarlites).
The British sportswear manufacturer A Star were in attendance at the event and kindly shared how much fun they had: “Thanks to our club hosts last weekend @exetercheerfest Harriers, @CallywithCentre City of Bristol, all great comps & events #thankyou” Follow A Star on Twitter @astaractive.

Wonderful times were had by coaches and spectators alike as expressed here, “@exetercheerfest After such an amazing time this year!!!! I have this date already in my diary for next!!!!!” – Cheer Coach Emma Shorney had a fabulous time, as she expressed on Twitter @EmmaShorney.

So if you missed out this year, make sure you head to The Exeter Cheer Festival 2015 for a great day of cheering! Even Exeter Council got involved in the online conversation, “@ExeterStarlites @exetercheerfest GO STARLITES! wavespompoms” showing this event successfully brought the Exeter community together! We hope you had fun!

See you all at our next competition The Winter Championships, make sure you book your tickets here!

Winter Championships 2014!

Here at The UKCA we hold 5 competitions across each and every year!

There are many different reasons why we hold so many of these competitions but mainly it is for fun!


However, you do need to adhere to the UKCA rules and regulations at our competitions due to health and safety. Also, this ensures that all of our competitions are ran the same way and are fair. You can download the full document of the UKCA rules here on our website under the tab of competitions & rules. This is a handy document to have and we suggest that every member has a copy which they read and know well.

You also have to think about whether you are are eligible. Do you have insurance? That is key to competing with us. It is incredibly important to have yourself covered with insurance. Accidents are a rare occurrence, but you need to make sure that you have practices in place to help yourself! You must always take extra care when competing in a sporting event.


Also, coaches need to make sure that they prepare their teams and squads accordingly. It is important to note that there needs to be 1 coach in attendance for every 5 cheerleaders. This also can be solved by having helpers come along with you to assist in looking after your squad – this is paramount!

We don’t want to just talk to you about the rules side of the competition, we want you to have fun! But please keep in mind that these regulations are in place for a reason.

Thank you. Happy Friday & EAT, SLEEP, CHEER REPEAT!

A Message from Southport Scorpions

Thank you

We received this wonderful message from the Southport Scorpions:

I’d just like to say thank you for making the squad feel really welcome on Saturday. It was such a brilliant day. The friendliness of all staff and competitors put the girls at ease and they can’t wait to perform again.

We’ll definitely enter again in March and May. Thanks again and see you soon!

Southport Scorpions coach

We just had to share this message with you all as it was you that made the Winter Championships into what they were!

You should all be so proud of yourselves.