How To: Enter A Competition

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How To: Enter A Competition

So firstly you need to have created all your clubs & teams and added your cheerleaders to those.

If you aren’t sure how to do this you can follow our guide here

So once you’ve done that you find the competition you wish to enter in our competition diary (Please note the competition entry system is only for official UKCA competition)

Select the competition you wish to enter and scroll down until you see the button as below.

Enter Competition

Once you’ve clicked this you may need to sign in, if you don’t have an account we suggest you register and then use the club management tools mentioned earlier on.

Step 1: Select your club

Select Your Club

Step 2: Enter teams

There are a large number of available categories, simply click to expand the categories then you can drag and drop your teams in.

Enter a Category

Expand the categories

Drop squads in

Step 3: Enter Cheerleaders for Freestyle


Step 4: Review your entry and add helpers and any additional coaches that are attending the competition.

Entry Overview

Step 5: The final stage you will be given the total cost of your entry and details on how to pay.

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