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Winter Championships 2014!

Here at The UKCA we hold 5 competitions across each and every year!

There are many different reasons why we hold so many of these competitions but mainly it is for fun!


However, you do need to adhere to the UKCA rules and regulations at our competitions due to health and safety. Also, this ensures that all of our competitions are ran the same way and are fair. You can download the full document of the UKCA rules here on our website under the tab of competitions & rules. This is a handy document to have and we suggest that every member has a copy which they read and know well.

You also have to think about whether you are are eligible. Do you have insurance? That is key to competing with us. It is incredibly important to have yourself covered with insurance. Accidents are a rare occurrence, but you need to make sure that you have practices in place to help yourself! You must always take extra care when competing in a sporting event.


Also, coaches need to make sure that they prepare their teams and squads accordingly. It is important to note that there needs to be 1 coach in attendance for every 5 cheerleaders. This also can be solved by having helpers come along with you to assist in looking after your squad – this is paramount!

We don’t want to just talk to you about the rules side of the competition, we want you to have fun! But please keep in mind that these regulations are in place for a reason.

Thank you. Happy Friday & EAT, SLEEP, CHEER REPEAT!