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Cheerleading World Championships are here!

The time has arrived! We’ve been looking ahead to the Cheerleading World Championships with excitement all year long. This year the Competition is being held in Berlin, and our very own Team UK is out there right now getting ready to give the performance of their lives!


Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it all the way to Berlin because there is a live stream where you can catch all of the Cheerleading action!



It’s going to be a fantastic event full of Cheer and excitement. You can find out more from their Official website and even Follow them on Twitter for more live updates right here @ifc_cheer.

We wish all of the very best of luck to each and every team competing, we want everyone to Cheer their hearts out. Let’s give an extra special cheer to Team UK!

“Say we are proud of you, say we are proud of you – good job!”


Share your support for our Team UK over social media with your Tweets and Facebook posts.

Make Sure You Enter The Winter Championship!

Have you entered the UKCA Winter Championship yet?

Make sure you submit your entry soon as entries for the Championship close on Friday 30th October 2015 – so don’t miss out! There’s still plenty of time to enter but don’t leave it too late.


It’s going to be an amazing competition this Winter! The UKCA will be back at the Manchester Velodrome again for an amazing weekend of Cheerleading. We can’t wait to spend 2 days in Manchester watching amazing performances from a range of teams from across the UK. The wide range of categories will allow for all Cheerleading talents and skills to be performed in different ways. Whether you are an expert in Street Cheer or Pom Dance, there will be a time for everyone to perform. Of course we’re looking forward to seeing those Freestyle moves, the improvised performances at UKCA Competitions are always incredible!

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 10.53.00

Remember when you want to enter your Club into a UKCA Competition you must first enter all of your Cheerleaders into our online system. To do this you can refer to our ‘How To: Use Our Club Management Tool’ here to guide you with the process. Also after you have completed this section you will need to add them into the Competition, so we have created a ‘How To: Enter A UKCA Competition’ to help you.


Have a brilliant weekend from all of us here at The UK Cheerleading Association.

We can’t wait to see you at the Winter Championship!

Team UKCA.


It’s been a busy month here at the UK Cheerleading Association with many courses running throughout the Summer. Keep sending us your Cheer photos across social media using #Summercheer

We’re excited to announce our 2016 Competition dates are:

NI National Schools & Club Championship – February 26th/27th 2016

UKCA Nationals (with European qualifying categories) – March 19th/20th 2016

Spring Championship – May 14th/15th 2016

National Schools Championship – June 18/19th 2016

Winter Championship – December 3rd/4th 2016

Coaches can mark these dates in their diaries! Keep on training to win those trophies – we can’t wait to see you all in 2016!

Next we’d like to congratulate all our newly qualified Coaches who have successfully completed courses this month!

Over the year we hold lots of courses throughout the country which teach a range of different aspects of Cheerleading. Book a course with the UKCA and join us at a class this September!


We would like to wish everyone competing in the 2015 School Games the best of luck! You can keep up with all of the action on Twitter @_SchoolGames #2015SSG.

And finally there is the European Wheelchair Basketball Championships taking place from the 28th August – 6th September in Worcester. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the partnership between the UKCA & British Wheelchair Basketball as our Cheerleaders will be court side supporting the athletes and demonstrating their skills! Find out more about what’s happening on social media @EuroWBchamps15


There are many Cheerleading courses upcoming in September. Our courses are accessible from all over the UK as they’re in a wide range of locations. Come along and develop your skills with us in the North West, Midlands and South West, we can help you build upon Cheerleading, Street Cheer and Leadership Skills!

Click here to book a range of Cheerleading courses and discover what’s best for your skills and your location with our Course Finder and Coaching Pathway.




A Successful National Schools’ Championship 2015!

We had an incredible time at the National Schools’ Championship at the weekend! The Manchester Velodrome is always bursting with Cheer spirit. Thank you to everyone involved from the Cheerleaders, to each and every volunteer. Both days brought an amazing Cheer atmosphere to Manchester. We are proud of you!

A special UKCA congratulations goes out to the winners of the Milano Spirit Award Fairway Cheerleaders and the winners of the Insure4Sport Spirit Award … The Spirit Award is such a fantastic element to our Competitions because it shows the true Cheer Spirit within the UKCA! You can check out all the winners of the Competition by following the link to our results page here. But who can forget the brilliant mascot dance off? There are just so many fun aspects to the ‘Sport of Smiles’.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 17.02.27

This month we’re so excited here at the UKCA to have many Competitions and courses running up and down the Country. We’ve also added many courses to our website, so be sure to click here for course listing and dates.

What else are we excited about here at the UKCA? The European Cheerleading Championships in Zadar, Croatia of course! Many of our British teams and top performers will be representing us in the event which kicks off this weekend! There has been so much preparation and organisation put into the routines, which really shows in the final performance. Coaches, we are proud of you!

Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 10.58.18

Lastly, congratulations to all of our members who attended the National Schools’ Competition and good luck to all those competing at the European Cheerleading Championships 2015 in Zadar, Croatia. Don’t forget you can follow all the action online using the hashtag #ECC2015ZADAR.

Exeter Cheer Festival is Next Weekend!

Exeter Cheer Festival is coming your way!

We discussed in August that the competition would roll around soon and sure enough it really has! Next weekend a fantastic Cheerleading competition will take place! We discussed many important features of the Festival in our previous post from August 2014, such as:

“The youngest Cheerer involved in the Exeter Cheer Festival will be 7 years old. Whilst the Masters teams must have 75% of their squad at the age of 25. Here at The UKCA we enjoy the atmosphere at our events when we have such a wide range of cheerers. Whether you are 8 or 18 you are welcome to come along and cheer as we love to see so much spirit!”

However, we hope that you are all incredibly excited for your time there next weekend! We can’t wait! Here at The UK Cheerleading Association we love being involved with other relating events and organisations such as this one. It is so great and inspiring for us all to work together to help to promote each others events and get as many people involved as we all can. Afterall, Cheerleading is “The Sport of Smiles!” Make sure you head down if you love Cheerleading, want to have a brilliant weekend and meet more cheerleaders and those who are passionate about the sport! It is a great way for coaches to meet as well, so we recommend you take your squads down together for some fantastic Cheer networking!

So if you are heading down to The Exeter Cheerleading Festival next weekend then we hope you all have a fantastic time! And good luck to those performing!

Winter Championships 2014!

Here at The UKCA we hold 5 competitions across each and every year!

There are many different reasons why we hold so many of these competitions but mainly it is for fun!


However, you do need to adhere to the UKCA rules and regulations at our competitions due to health and safety. Also, this ensures that all of our competitions are ran the same way and are fair. You can download the full document of the UKCA rules here on our website under the tab of competitions & rules. This is a handy document to have and we suggest that every member has a copy which they read and know well.

You also have to think about whether you are are eligible. Do you have insurance? That is key to competing with us. It is incredibly important to have yourself covered with insurance. Accidents are a rare occurrence, but you need to make sure that you have practices in place to help yourself! You must always take extra care when competing in a sporting event.


Also, coaches need to make sure that they prepare their teams and squads accordingly. It is important to note that there needs to be 1 coach in attendance for every 5 cheerleaders. This also can be solved by having helpers come along with you to assist in looking after your squad – this is paramount!

We don’t want to just talk to you about the rules side of the competition, we want you to have fun! But please keep in mind that these regulations are in place for a reason.

Thank you. Happy Friday & EAT, SLEEP, CHEER REPEAT!