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Exeter Cheer Festival is Next Weekend!

Exeter Cheer Festival is coming your way!

We discussed in August that the competition would roll around soon and sure enough it really has! Next weekend a fantastic Cheerleading competition will take place! We discussed many important features of the Festival in our previous post from August 2014, such as:

“The youngest Cheerer involved in the Exeter Cheer Festival will be 7 years old. Whilst the Masters teams must have 75% of their squad at the age of 25. Here at The UKCA we enjoy the atmosphere at our events when we have such a wide range of cheerers. Whether you are 8 or 18 you are welcome to come along and cheer as we love to see so much spirit!”

However, we hope that you are all incredibly excited for your time there next weekend! We can’t wait! Here at The UK Cheerleading Association we love being involved with other relating events and organisations such as this one. It is so great and inspiring for us all to work together to help to promote each others events and get as many people involved as we all can. Afterall, Cheerleading is “The Sport of Smiles!” Make sure you head down if you love Cheerleading, want to have a brilliant weekend and meet more cheerleaders and those who are passionate about the sport! It is a great way for coaches to meet as well, so we recommend you take your squads down together for some fantastic Cheer networking!

So if you are heading down to The Exeter Cheerleading Festival next weekend then we hope you all have a fantastic time! And good luck to those performing!