Winter Championships are Here!

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Winter Championships are Here!

Are you excited for the Winter Championships?

Well you should be, because it all begins tomorrow!! You’ve got just enough time to get your last practices in tonight, before you hit the mats at the Manchester Velodrome in the morning. But whether it’s your slot in the morning or afternoon, Saturday or Sunday, you will all have your chance this weekend to show what you can do! Click here for more info on the event from the venue.


It’s time to shine this weekend for all UKCA members, whether you are a cheerleader, coach, volunteer or supporter, everyone has their role to play in the event. So make sure you give it your all no matter what. If you are a supporter then show your support for all of the teams involved, and spread your positive energy throughout the Velodrome! We are all there to support each other so let’s make sure we do just that!

Also, if your team/squad has a Twitter account then tweet us your username so that we can mention you across the weekend! The hashtag for the Winter Championships this weekend is #UKCA, so add the hashtag to your tweets and we will be able to pick up what you mention!


We love to interact with you all on the day, so do not hesitate to tweet @UKCheerleading with your messages, pictures and videos. We can share, retweet and see all of your interaction, which is such a great part of the competition!

Who’s going to win that Spirit Award? Keep the energy high, show your support & it could be you!

We can’t wait for the weekend, we’re looking forward to seeing you all there! Let’s go UKCA!

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