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Sign up to a Course Today!

Are you looking to expand your Cheerleading skills? You can book on to a course with us and learn plenty of new Cheerleading skills that will come in handy for general practices with your team, when teaching fellow Cheerleaders and in Competitions. Compete at a higher level in our Competitions and receive higher awards for your Cheerleading skills.


If you are unsure of which route to take then you can take a look at our helpful Coaching Pathway and this will guide you through the options which are available. There are many different aspects to Cheerleading, from Pom Dance and Street Cheer to Cheerleading chants and Coaching tips. There’s lots to learn!


To keep up to date with our training department you can join our ‘UKCA Resource Group on Facebook’. This group is a fantastic resource for Coaches and Cheerleaders alike. To discuss setting up a Course in your area you can contact Alison Hunt from our training department or 07471218852. We look forward to seeing you at a course soon!


We look forward to seeing you at a Course & Competition soon!

Team UKCA.

Cheerleading Courses in Sheffield!

This weekend we are proud to be holding 2 Cheerleading courses in Sheffield. Both of these courses will be held at the following address:

Hinde House School
Shiregreen Lane
S5 6AG


On Saturday 22nd August we will be running a Level 2 Cheerleading Basic Skills course, which will give our members the skills they need to improve their Cheer. This course will be followed by a Level 3 Basic Stunts course on Sunday 23rd August, to give our Cheerleaders the knowledge and health and safety training for safe stunt techniques – up to 2 levels high! Also taught on the course are key choreography moves. The Basic Stunts course is a fantastic training programme for coaches as they will even learn how to create lesson plans for Cheer training!

Holding these 2 courses across one weekend is a great opportunity for our UKCA members to build their Cheerleading skills and achievements all in the space of just 2 days!

All of our members who are successful on the course will receive UKCA Certificates of Qualification to help them going forward in their Cheerleading careers.


We have many more courses taking place throughout 2015 and we cannot wait to have more qualified Cheerleaders active across the UK. Train with us to learn practical and theoretical Cheerleading skills. After all, you can’t learn to become a Cheerleading coach sat around a table!

See you soon.

Team UKCA.

Cheer with the UKCA!

We’ve got a weekend of Cheerleading courses ahead and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time now.

On Sunday we’re delivering a Level 2 Cheerleading Basic Skills at the City of Preston Gymnastic Club with the Cyclones! Who’s coming along? It’s going to be a great day of Cheerleading where we cover a variety of skills and techniques like arm motions, cheers, chants and much more. This is a fantastic course as it teaches the skills needed to become a Cheerleading coach at a basic level. This course is great for people who already have a teaching qualification and some experience in this area, but want to learn specifics in Cheerleading. You can find out more about this course here.


Then to start off next week we’re going straight into Cheerleading with a Level 1 Cheerleading Leadership Award at 10am on Monday morning. Are you joining us for this course in Burnley at the Clarets Cheerleading and Dance Club? We know we’re going have a great day with the Clarets! Discover information and more about this course here.

If you want to get involved with us here at the UK Cheerleading Association and grow your Cheerleading skills then you can book on to one of our courses here.


Don’t worry if there isn’t a course near you right now, we add new courses regularly & if you want to set one up then contact Alison Hunt at

We can’t wait to see you, have a great weekend!

Team UKCA.

Follow the Coaching Pathway

All of our UKCA members have their own special talents and skills, that’s why we have developed a Coaching Pathway to guide each individual on their Cheerleading journey. By following the link here you will find a break down of the UKCA Cheerleading education process.

There are many different aspects of Cheerleading which can be focussed on and developed. From Street Cheer to Tumbling, you will find the right area for you. By taking part in our courses you will progress through levels and develop a wide range of skills and abilities.


With many areas to choose from such as Basic Stunts, Leadership and Judging, there are so many opportunities available within the UKCA.

There is also specific Professional Development for Coaches for our members to get involved with. Variations of these courses cover lifestyle, psychology, safety and injury protection. You can check out what courses we are running in our calendar by following this link here. If there aren’t any courses in your area then do not hesitate to contact us and we can look to arrange a course near you!

So if you are a UKCA member and want to develop your skills, take a look at our courses and discover which is the right area for you.

Team UKCA.

We’ve Added New Courses to Our Diary!

Head over to the upcoming courses area of our website here and discover the new courses we’ve added. Click on a course to see more information about the course itself and the location. We’re continually adding new courses to our calendar throughout the year, so be sure to check back regularly for courses in your area. You can also find out what we’re up to on our social media as we will let you know when new courses have been arranged. Follow us on Twitter here and like our Facebook page here to keep up with all of our activities.


Whether you want to develop the Street Cheer side of your skills or your tumbling, there is a course for everyone. We hold courses all across the UK and Northern Ireland, simply check our upcoming courses area to discover the locations. If you aren’t already a UKCA member then you can register to join us & book on a course. You can also use our handy course finder here to narrow your search to your chosen area. If you are struggling to find a course then you can send an email to our team over at training to where you will be able to discuss arranging a course in your desired area.


We can’t wait to hear from you and see you at a Cheerleading course soon!

Join a Tumbling Course Today

Performing tumbling skills is a great way to add flair and excitement to your routines. From basic to advanced, the tumbling skills required for your Cheerleading squads to excel in competitions vary from squad to squad, but attending one of our tumbling courses is a great boost.

Our courses range from basic tumbling, intermediate tumbling and advanced tumbling. These courses cover moves like forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, walkovers, cartwheels and round off skills.


Learning all the different skills in association with Cheerleading is important in helping you progress and grow. Especially when it comes to leadership, as these courses will help you to gain confidence and be able lead a team in the future.

For updates and information on our upcoming courses you can follow us on our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook. And if you are interested in booking one of our tumbling courses you can contact us for further details.

Come along to our course this Sunday the 14th of June to build on your mixed practical and theory where we will be running a Level 1 Cheerleading Leadership Award at King’s School in Macclesfield.

Our courses cover mixed practical and theory aspects such as, communication, motivation, team-building and health & safety.

We hope to see you at our course this Sunday!

We are proud of you.

Team UKCA.

Book on a Course Today

Expand your Cheerleading, coaching or even judging experience now. We organise and provide many different courses to educate our members and teach them how to Cheer their hearts out using skill and expertise. Whether you want to develop you Cheerleading skills in the Street Cheer area, or if you want to learn pom technique then there is a course for you! Each time we run a course we promote it across our social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter and of course here on our site. Be sure to check the upcoming courses area of our site to check when new courses are added here.

To register onto a course you must be a UKCA member and follow the appropriate link on our website to book. Unfortunately, we do not accept payment over the phone so please make your payment online. However, if you do need any help then do not hesitate to give us a call.


We have several courses running across the UK this weekend and we can’t wait to get started! Today we will be at the CardioFit Kick Start course in Newcastle and we are looking forward to seeing the team. On Sunday we will be at the Level 2 Street Cheer Basic Skills Course @ Bad Apples Dance and Performance Academy. Come along to enjoy learning and Cheering!

We hope to see you there!

We are proud of you


28 New UKCA Coaches To Qualify This Weekend! #ThisGirlCan

Here at the UK Cheerleading Association we are focussed on involving new and existing members with our educational training programmes. We train and coach thousands of UK based Cheerleaders across the Country. We really enjoy our courses, meeting new members and helping them to grow.

This is especially great in regards of our weekend courses which can be more intense as these are usually Level 4 training courses. Some of our more advanced classes can span over 4 days, these are great ways to expand your knowledge. Head over to our Coaching Pathway here and find the best option for you to take on your Cheerleading journey. We run an advanced Intermediate Stunts course once a year which is more instensive and requires a lot of resources. We’re looking to run more and more courses throughout the year.


So it’s great to announce that we are training 28 new UK Cheerleading coaches this weekend across the North West and the West Midlands. We are bringing more and more Cheerleaders and females lathes to the This Girl Can campaign. We also work in conjuction with many other sport and charity organisations such as Youth Sport Trust, Greater Sport, Sporting Promise, Manchester City Council, Halbro Sportswear and Milano. So if you want to get involved with the This Girl Can movement then enrol on a course with us now & start exercising with ‘The Sport of Smiles’.


Good luck to all our members who are training this weekend! We will see you all soon at the UKCA National Championships 2015 at the Manchester Velodrome.

We are proud of you!

Team UKCA.

Book a Course Now!

Here at The UKCA we have many practical and theoretical courses available. These work to expand and improve the Cheerleading & Coaching skills of all our members. Our courses run up and down the UK & Northern Ireland to ensure that each member has the opportunity to build on their talent, no matter their location.

This weekend we have Cheerleading courses happening across the UK! We have a Cheerleading Intermediate Stunts course running across the weekend at Wright Robinson College. This is the first part of this course, as part 2 will take place in February 2015. This is an in depth course which will cover many areas. See our website for more details. Find all of our Upcoming Courses here. When browsing our course list make sure that you click on each box to expand the information. This will give you more detail regarding each course. You can then see which course is best for you!


There is a great opportunity to book yourself into a course now, to gain extra education and skills before the Winter Championships! However, if you aren’t ready for another course yet, as you are busy training, then there are lots of opportunities for you to take across 2015! Many courses are running early in the year throughout January and February, with many more to follow. So, if you are based in the North West, South West or Wales then there are many courses for you to choose from in early 2015!

Use our course finder here to help you further.