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Join a Tumbling Course Today

Performing tumbling skills is a great way to add flair and excitement to your routines. From basic to advanced, the tumbling skills required for your Cheerleading squads to excel in competitions vary from squad to squad, but attending one of our tumbling courses is a great boost.

Our courses range from basic tumbling, intermediate tumbling and advanced tumbling. These courses cover moves like forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, walkovers, cartwheels and round off skills.


Learning all the different skills in association with Cheerleading is important in helping you progress and grow. Especially when it comes to leadership, as these courses will help you to gain confidence and be able lead a team in the future.

For updates and information on our upcoming courses you can follow us on our social media channels on Twitter and Facebook. And if you are interested in booking one of our tumbling courses you can contact us for further details.

Come along to our course this Sunday the 14th of June to build on your mixed practical and theory where we will be running a Level 1 Cheerleading Leadership Award at King’s School in Macclesfield.

Our courses cover mixed practical and theory aspects such as, communication, motivation, team-building and health & safety.

We hope to see you at our course this Sunday!

We are proud of you.

Team UKCA.

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