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Follow the Coaching Pathway

All of our UKCA members have their own special talents and skills, that’s why we have developed a Coaching Pathway to guide each individual on their Cheerleading journey. By following the link here you will find a break down of the UKCA Cheerleading education process.

There are many different aspects of Cheerleading which can be focussed on and developed. From Street Cheer to Tumbling, you will find the right area for you. By taking part in our courses you will progress through levels and develop a wide range of skills and abilities.


With many areas to choose from such as Basic Stunts, Leadership and Judging, there are so many opportunities available within the UKCA.

There is also specific Professional Development for Coaches for our members to get involved with. Variations of these courses cover lifestyle, psychology, safety and injury protection. You can check out what courses we are running in our calendar by following this link here. If there aren’t any courses in your area then do not hesitate to contact us and we can look to arrange a course near you!

So if you are a UKCA member and want to develop your skills, take a look at our courses and discover which is the right area for you.

Team UKCA.

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