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Expand your Cheerleading, coaching or even judging experience now. We organise and provide many different courses to educate our members and teach them how to Cheer their hearts out using skill and expertise. Whether you want to develop you Cheerleading skills in the Street Cheer area, or if you want to learn pom technique then there is a course for you! Each time we run a course we promote it across our social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter and of course here on our site. Be sure to check the upcoming courses area of our site to check when new courses are added here.

To register onto a course you must be a UKCA member and follow the appropriate link on our website to book. Unfortunately, we do not accept payment over the phone so please make your payment online. However, if you do need any help then do not hesitate to give us a call.


We have several courses running across the UK this weekend and we can’t wait to get started! Today we will be at the CardioFit Kick Start course in Newcastle and we are looking forward to seeing the team. On Sunday we will be at the Level 2 Street Cheer Basic Skills Course @ Bad Apples Dance and Performance Academy. Come along to enjoy learning and Cheering!

We hope to see you there!

We are proud of you


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