28 New UKCA Coaches To Qualify This Weekend! #ThisGirlCan

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28 New UKCA Coaches To Qualify This Weekend! #ThisGirlCan

Here at the UK Cheerleading Association we are focussed on involving new and existing members with our educational training programmes. We train and coach thousands of UK based Cheerleaders across the Country. We really enjoy our courses, meeting new members and helping them to grow.

This is especially great in regards of our weekend courses which can be more intense as these are usually Level 4 training courses. Some of our more advanced classes can span over 4 days, these are great ways to expand your knowledge. Head over to our Coaching Pathway here and find the best option for you to take on your Cheerleading journey. We run an advanced Intermediate Stunts course once a year which is more instensive and requires a lot of resources. We’re looking to run more and more courses throughout the year.


So it’s great to announce that we are training 28 new UK Cheerleading coaches this weekend across the North West and the West Midlands. We are bringing more and more Cheerleaders and females lathes to the This Girl Can campaign. We also work in conjuction with many other sport and charity organisations such as Youth Sport Trust, Greater Sport, Sporting Promise, Manchester City Council, Halbro Sportswear and Milano. So if you want to get involved with the This Girl Can movement then enrol on a course with us now & start exercising with ‘The Sport of Smiles’.


Good luck to all our members who are training this weekend! We will see you all soon at the UKCA National Championships 2015 at the Manchester Velodrome.

We are proud of you!

Team UKCA.

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