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Here at The UKCA we have many practical and theoretical courses available. These work to expand and improve the Cheerleading & Coaching skills of all our members. Our courses run up and down the UK & Northern Ireland to ensure that each member has the opportunity to build on their talent, no matter their location.

This weekend we have Cheerleading courses happening across the UK! We have a Cheerleading Intermediate Stunts course running across the weekend at Wright Robinson College. This is the first part of this course, as part 2 will take place in February 2015. This is an in depth course which will cover many areas. See our website for more details. Find all of our Upcoming Courses here. When browsing our course list make sure that you click on each box to expand the information. This will give you more detail regarding each course. You can then see which course is best for you!


There is a great opportunity to book yourself into a course now, to gain extra education and skills before the Winter Championships! However, if you aren’t ready for another course yet, as you are busy training, then there are lots of opportunities for you to take across 2015! Many courses are running early in the year throughout January and February, with many more to follow. So, if you are based in the North West, South West or Wales then there are many courses for you to choose from in early 2015!

Use our course finder here to help you further.

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