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Sporting Promise Event in Wakefield

The Sporting Promise Celebration Event was held yesterday in Wakefield, it was a fantastic day! Take a look at the images below and see for yourself the fun which was had by all! Many activities were carried out, including warm ups, street cheer and pom dance. The event was held in partnership with The UKCA and Matalan Sporting Promise, with an aim to teach an array of sports to youngsters.

The day was wonderfully successful, forwarding the notion that, “Sporting Promise is a fun and exciting way to engage young people in a whole range of sports and physical activity. It’s really important that sport is made as appealing as possible to help encourage our pupils to become far more fit and active.” Emma Arnold, Teacher, Whartons Primary.

View the many photos from across the day here:






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Matalan Community Club – Jet Black

Jet black dance group has done a performance at the street race festival on Hulme high street and we also did a performance at Aquinas’s at their festival and we did a performance at the Barbados independence ball.


Safiya Duncan:
I am part of jet black dance group and my job is to help do the registers and while doing that I have learnt some dance routines which I like because dancing is quite fun to join in with plus it’s a way for me to exercise. I am studying performing arts which dance is a part of sometimes so it helps me doing this with jet black.

Being part of something like this is good. It gives you a break from the everyday things because when I come here I have fun. Hopefully I will one day be able to be as good as Yosha .

Makisa Gilkes:
I am part of jet black dance group where we are a group which helps people learn different styles of dancing. I have quite a lot of experience in teaching dance as I have a qualification which is street cheer dance. In the class I help teach routines. One of my hobbies is netball and I have played for Manchester thunder, northwest regional and Tameside. Which I am very proud of because I’m very passionate about netball being able to be part of these teams gave me something else to be proud of. Another thing I do is athletics. Doing dance is very fun to me this is why I love being part of the Jet black dance group.

Chinaiyah Lauder-Bell:
I am apart of jet black dance group I enjoy doing dance routines with the group. I also have a qualification in street cheer dance. My main skills are gymnastics which I put into the routines and help others with in our group. I do rugby and we compete against other schools for matches.

Matalan Sporting Community Club Wins Spirit Award At Their First Competition

Our newly formed Matalan Sporting Community Clubs are already making waves in the Cheerleading world.

After only 3 weeks of practice the girls entered their first competition. The competition went really well and the girls manage to win the Team Spirit Award which is an amazing achievement with only 3 weeks practice. They have now got a taste of winning and will be looking forward to the next competition.

For more information on how you can be part of one of these wonderful new clubs please email us

NCA Team Spirit Award

Three new Street Cheer Community Clubs funded by Matalan Sporting Communities in association with Sport England.

As part of our involvement in the Matalan Sporting Communities we are proud to announce the following as our first three clubs in this scheme.

Greater Manchester
New Charter Academy
Broadoak Road,
Ashton Under Lyne,
Day: Tuesday
Time: 7pm-9pm

Contact Details
Emma Heap
07854 200944

Brownedge St Marys High School,
Station Road,
Bamber Bridge,
Day: Tuesday
Time: 3.30pm-5.30pm

Contact Details
Kevin Loughran
07795 812761

Wolgarston High School
Cannock Rd,
ST19 5RX
Day: Wednesday
Time: 3.30pm-5.30pm

Contact Details
Chris Wood
07876 541730

Click here to read more about our involvement with Matalan