Matalan Community Club – Jet Black

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Matalan Community Club – Jet Black

Jet black dance group has done a performance at the street race festival on Hulme high street and we also did a performance at Aquinas’s at their festival and we did a performance at the Barbados independence ball.


Safiya Duncan:
I am part of jet black dance group and my job is to help do the registers and while doing that I have learnt some dance routines which I like because dancing is quite fun to join in with plus it’s a way for me to exercise. I am studying performing arts which dance is a part of sometimes so it helps me doing this with jet black.

Being part of something like this is good. It gives you a break from the everyday things because when I come here I have fun. Hopefully I will one day be able to be as good as Yosha .

Makisa Gilkes:
I am part of jet black dance group where we are a group which helps people learn different styles of dancing. I have quite a lot of experience in teaching dance as I have a qualification which is street cheer dance. In the class I help teach routines. One of my hobbies is netball and I have played for Manchester thunder, northwest regional and Tameside. Which I am very proud of because I’m very passionate about netball being able to be part of these teams gave me something else to be proud of. Another thing I do is athletics. Doing dance is very fun to me this is why I love being part of the Jet black dance group.

Chinaiyah Lauder-Bell:
I am apart of jet black dance group I enjoy doing dance routines with the group. I also have a qualification in street cheer dance. My main skills are gymnastics which I put into the routines and help others with in our group. I do rugby and we compete against other schools for matches.

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