European Wheelchair Basketball

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European Wheelchair Basketball

Sainsbury’s School Games & EuroWBchamps15!

A large mix of sports have been taking place across the UK, with the European Wheelchair Basketball Championships in Worcester from 28th August – 6th Sep and the Sainsbury’s School Games running on the 3rd – 6th September.

Here at the UKCA we’ve followed and supported the events both online and on the floor! Many of our Cheerleaders headed to the European Wheelchair Basketball Championships to show their support, and cheer on the players throughout the games. Fantastic support from Kobika Starlites saw the women’s team go on to become bronze medalists and the men’s team to win gold! Discover more about the European Wheelchair Basketball Championships in last week’s blog. We are proud of you! #EveryRoadToRio #1YearToGo #Rio2016


We have also been involved with the Sainsbury’s School Games, cheering along and showing support to encourage players. If you didn’t know about the Sainsbury’s School Games then here is some more information for you, “Nationally and locally the Sainsbury’s School Games is being delivered through partnerships. The national partnership is made up of:

Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), which has overall policy leadership, supported by the Department for Education (DofE) and the Department of Health (DOH).

Sport England, who are in charge of distributing Lottery funding and are supporting the engagement of Sports Governing Bodies and County Sports Partnerships.

Youth Sport Trust, who are the landscape lead organisation for school sport. They been commissioned by Sport England to provide development support to schools, sports and other local partners.

Over £128m of Lottery and Government funding is being invested to support the School Games.”


More of our amazing Cheerleaders from Team Spirit and The Clarets supported the School games final on Sunday. We’re incredibly proud to be part of these fantastic events, and can’t wait to get involved with future opportunities!

We are proud of you!

Team UKCA.

Euro Wheelchair Basketball Championships

The European Wheelchair Basketball Championships are taking place from the 28th August – 6th September in Worcester. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the partnership between the UKCA & British Wheelchair Basketball, as our Cheerleaders will be court side supporting the athletes & Cheering their hearts out!

The competition has begun and with 73 scheduled games over ten days of the Championships, so there is lots to look forward to and keep up with. You can follow all of the action with them on Twitter @EuroWBchamps15 and Like them on Facebook.

Image via @worcester_uni

Both men’s and women’s teams will be playing and competing each day. First of all each nation will pay against each other, then a semi finals round will be played followed by a final game. The top nations will then go on to qualify for the Rio 2016 Paralympics! This is a great opportunity to watch amazing talent at a great venue, The University of Worcester Arena. We can’t wait to see the events and games unfold!

We wish the best of luck to the teams, and hope you all enjoy our Cheerleaders support throughout the event!

Image via @EuroWBchamps15

We are proud of you!

Team UKCA.