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My Cheerleading Journey

Discover what it’s like to be a Cheerleader by reading Lucy Nester’s inspiring Cheer story here. Lucy is a dedicated member of the UK Cheerleading Association and we thank her for sharing her experiences with us. Learn more about her journey…

“I can remember my first day at Fairway Primary School Cheerleading… I was a skinny 7 year old, ready to try something new.

From the first training session with the amazing coaches, Zoe Woffenden and Melanie Fuller, I knew I was in love with this amazing sport.

Cheerleading took hold of me I was stretching, dancing and stunting at every opportunity

A few years went by, lots of training and dedication later we entered the UKCA School’s Competition at the Velodrome. We won our group and became National Champions.

When I was in year 5 at Primary School, I remember Mrs Woffenden asking me if I could fill in for her High School team, OCS. This was an amazing opportunity.

As I got older I knew the bug for Cheerleading was not going away. I decided to join a club outside of school. I joined LL Extreme coached by Louise Fennel. I had a great time learning different skills and routines and entering many competitions.

A few years later I moved to Sparklers Elite, coached by Emma McIntyre. Here, I started to do stunt groups and different levels of cheer routines. My role within the team is back spot, which I love. It’s not often I come home without bruises, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Sparklers Elite have achieved so much in the past few years. I have taken part in many competitions including UKCA Nationals, ECC 2014 and ECC 2015.

At ECC 2015 in Croatia, we entered the All Girl Level 5 section and an All Girl Level 5 Stunt Group. We gained two 3rd places.

We also entered the Open Championship with the same groups, gaining a 1st place with the All Girl team and a 2nd place with the Stunt Group.

We had an amazing time being with Cheerleaders from other Countries but Cheerleading for me doesn’t stop there.

As I moved up to High School, I decided to go back to Fairway Primary School and help coach the school team. This was the best decision I have ever made and has lead me to complete my Level 1, 2 and 3 UKCA Cheerleading qualifications. I am waiting to do my level 4 when I turn 18.

Cheerleading is a huge part of my life I train up to 3 nights a week and enjoy every minute

I wouldn’t have achieved any of these fantastic things without the coaches that have been there supporting me since 2006 in everything I do. They have been behind me every step of the way, inside and outside Cheer. They are outstanding coaches and deserve all the praise in the world. Thank you for everything Mrs Woffenden and Mrs Fuller, I appreciate everything you do for me and the Fairway Cheerleaders and Louise Fennell and Emma McIntrye for pushing me into the Cheerleader I am today”

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