Advanced Cheerleading Skills

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Advanced Cheerleading Skills

NGB Level 5 Equivalent

Course Cost – £175 pp
Duration – One day – 8hrs plus online content

This predominantly practical course is supported by theoretical understanding and incorporates:

  • Advanced Physical Training for Cheerleaders Coaching Skills
  • Health & Safety

Advanced Stunt Progressions:

  • 3 Layer Pyramids
  • Partner Stunt Progressions
  • Basket Toss Aerial Skills
  • Twisting Mounts & Dismounts
  • Rotational Mounts & Dismounts
  • Advanced Tumbling Progressions, including Aerial Rotations (Somersaults)

Participants will be required to show an understanding of and demonstrate advanced coaching skills in a follow up practical assessment video recording and completion of supporting online material.

Successful participants will receive an Advanced Stunt Skills Certificate of Qualification.

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