Urban Cheer This Autumn

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Urban Cheer This Autumn

Earlier this year UKCA announced our brand new Urban Cheer Qualification.

Urban Cheer has been brought in to replace Street Cheer and has some slight updates from its previous model. To find out more information, check out the video below:

Urban Cheer Online Conversion Course!

As you will have seen on our social media feeds in recent weeks, we have a Urban Cheer Conversion Course that covers all the changes and new rules taking you from Street Cheer to Urban Cheer. The online course is available in the UKCA Member Dashboard to all qualified Street Cheer coaches. Take the course today.

This autumn is your chance to take our brand new Urban Cheer courses:

If you have a Street Cheer qualification you can attend our Urban Cheer Course at the end of September for just ยฃ30!

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