Cheerleading World Championships 2017 Review

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Cheerleading World Championships 2017 Review

This weekend saw the Cheerleading World Championships 2017 take place at the Takasaki Arena in Japan. Athletes descended on the brand new, 3-story, Kantō region facility to showcase their talents against some of the best Cheerleaders from around the world. Last Tuesday Team UK travelled over 5,800 miles to get to the competition but for those athletes representing the United Kingdom the journey to the 9th Cheerleading World Championships began in 2016.

March 2016 – June 2016
For athletes to be eligible for Team UK selection they must compete in an official UKCA competition.

November 2016
Team UK squad selection is announced on the last day of the month.

March 2017 – June 2017
Team UK athletes compete for their Clubs in official UKCA competition.

September 2017
Team UK take part in their first official training sessions.

October 2017
Team UK take part in their final official training sessions before they travel to Japan.

7th November 2017
Team UK and their supporters leave the UK for Japan and arrive in Takasaki to sunny skies!

8th November 2017
Team UK arrive at the Takasaki Arena for their penultimate practice session in the venue where they will compete.

9th November 2017
Team UK take part in their final practice session before competition and meet other athletes from around the world.

10th November 2017
Athletes from around the world take to the Takasaki Arena for the final time before competition day for an event rehearsal. Athletes from Team UK meet fellow athletes and visualise their routines.

11th & 12th November 2017
After months of preparation the Cheerleading World Championships 2017 is finally here. Team UK compete in Cheerleading Junior 2, Cheerleading Senior All Female, Cheer Dance Doubles Junior 2, Cheer Dance Doubles Senior categories. The final day of competition is streamed live on YouTube to people all over the world.

13th November 2017
Team UK are rewarded for their months of dedication with a celebration day at Disney Tokyo!


Cheerleading Junior 2 – Team UK 2nd Place

Cheerleading Senior All Female – Team UK 4th Place

Cheer Dance Doubles Junior 2 – Team UK 7th Place

Cheer Dance Doubles Senior – Team UK 8th Place

A full list of results is available on the official Takasaki 2017 website

On behalf of all at the UKCA, we’d like to say a huge well done to Team UK’s athletes and coaches for their superb performances against some of the world’s elite Cheerleaders. Your attitude and commitment in the months leading up to the competition have been fantastic and you represented the United Kingdom brilliantly.

We’d also like to say a massive thank you to the supporters and helpers who travelled with the squad to Japan.

We are proud of you, we are proud of you!

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