“We all had such an amazing day”

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“We all had such an amazing day”

Wow! What a weekend! We’re still beaming after another absolutely fantastic competition!

First of all we’d like to say a huge thank you and well done to everybody who took part in the UKCA National Schools’ Championships 2017 including our wonderful volunteers, coaches and of course the spectators who descended on the National Cycling Centre on mass to create a superb atmosphere for our final comp until the Winter.

As always at UKCA competitions we were treated to some of the highest level Cheerleading in the country with performances from Cheerleading, Pom Dance, Disability Pom Dane, Street Cheer and Freestyle categories as well as a special Disability Group Stunt performance and the crowd favourite, Mascot Dance Off! Your ability, commitment and Cheer spirit makes us incredibly proud to be hosts of such an amazing, competitive event.

All of the results from the two day event can be found here:

Saturday / Sunday

We’d like to say a huge congratulations to our Spirit Award Winners, who are presented with a special award for their display of exceptional Cheer Spirit throughout the day.

Our Saturday Winners were Park View Tigers:

Our Sunday Winners were Fusion:

Congratulations to Fusion on winning the #ukca Spirit Award #wsw2017 #thisgirlcan

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This year at the UKCA National Schools’ Championships were also ran a special competition called The Golden Bow, where competitors are challenged to find 6 bows in different places around the Manchester Velodrome venue and develop a chant.

We’d like to say congratulations to the winners for their effort and their fantastic chants

Here’s some of the best entries:

WINNER! (Saturday)

St Thomas of Canterbury
Cheer is fun, cheer is fab,
It makes you want to do the dab..
When you see us you will know
That we deserve the Golden Bow!

Congratulations to St Thomas of Canterbury on winning the Golden Bow #ukca #wsw2017 #thisgirlcan

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Other Saturday entries:
Dunn Street Diamonds
Cheerleader, Cheerleader, hunt high and low,
Look around for the Golden Bow.
We sprinkle cheer wherever we go,
Thank you Manchester for a wonderful show.

KWPS Allstars
In the Velodrome where Cheerleaders go,
Teams are looking for the Golden Bows!
They’re bright, they shine, they look divine,
Let’s see how many we can find.

Fairway Cheerleaders
We’re here today to search for gold,
The bows are hidden all around.
So keep you eyes peeled as you walk,
And the Golden Bows will soon be found.

Highfield Wildcats
We have found the Golden Bows,
Even though it hurt our toes.
Wildcats team have clearly shown,
That we can find the golden bows.

Shrubland Street Superstars
Golden Bow, can you show.
All of us how to flow?

1,2,3,4, everyone get on the floor.
Can you find the Golden Bows?
1,2,3 GO!

E-Act Extreme
We are here to go go go
And find the Golden Bow bow bow.
Now we’ve found the Golden Bow
Go Extreme, let’s go.

Tintwistle Ignition
Golden bows are the best, better than all the rest.
Go find all the bows and you will turn into pros.
Tintwistle Ignition let’s go!

WINNER! (Sunday)

Hawarden High School
These Golden Bows don’t grow on trees,
So take good care and find them please.

Other Sunday entries:

Bishop Rawstorne Academy
Golden Bows all the way, we will cheer and chant all day x 3
Golden Bows!

The Radclyffe School
Attack, Attack the Golden Bow is back.
It has no limit but let me tell you..it has Spirit.
So get on down and move your feet
The Golden Bow has got the beat.

Connah’s Quay HS
Look high, look low until you find the Golden Bow.
Your hair will grow when you have a Golden Bow.
G.O.L.D.E.N B.O.W.
Golden Bow!

Wickersley HS
We had a mission to find the Golden Bows.
Where are they, nobody knows!

Wilmslow HS
We’re Wilmslow High School and wear the Golden Bow and we’re here to steal the show.

Healing School
Golden Bow, Golden Bow
Here we go, here we go.
Scream and shout
We’re about!
Golden Bow!
When I say Golden, you say Bow.
Golden (Bow)
Golden (Bow) Yeah!

Wath Comprehensive School
Ok team, hey let’s go
We are here to steal the show.
All you need is the Golden Bow so come on team, go, go, go!

Castell Alun HS
We are Castell Alun, we stand proud!
We are Castell Alun, were the best in around!
We have our Golden Bows!
We always point our toes!
Goooooo Casty!

St James’s Secondary School
With our Golden Bows, we will show, how impressive we are on the floor.
We are Gold
We are Gold
We are Gold Yeah!

Beckfoot School
Golden Bow, Golden Bow
We seek you high, we seek you low.
Spirit Cheer, Spirit Glow.
Golden Bow, Golden Bow.

Kings Macclesfield
Golden Bows, take it to the top, your top flyers will never drop.
Make sure to drop the beat and they will be jumping off their feet!

Biddenham Upper School
Biddenham Gold Stars have arrived, searching high and low.
We found all six, there was a mix, we deserve the Golden Bow!

It was superb event we’re sure you’ll agree! If you couldn’t make it down to the Velodrome this time, don’t forget to check out our highlight reel from the comp here:

Enjoy your summer and we look forward to seeing you in December for the UKCA Winter Championships 2017!

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