Set up your own club for 2017!

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Set up your own club for 2017!

Setting up a Cheerleading Club can be a very exciting and rewarding challenge. You can help young people develop their sporting career and make new friends whilst doing something they love. As well as training and youth development, UKCA clubs also create competitive opportunities with clubs being eligible to enter the UKCA annual competitions. Sound like something you’d be interested in? You can set up a club today…

Before you set up a club, you must ensure you have:

Qualifications – the correct level of qualification is essential before any coaching takes place.

Insurance – every coach/club/squad needs insurance as the safety of the Cheerleaders is priority.

DBS Certificate – every adult working with young or vulnerable adults is required by law to have a valid DBS check.

First Aid Certificate – every adult working with young or vulnerable adults should have a valid first aid certificate.

These are just a few of our key points for setting up a club, you can find the rest of the requirements on our website by visiting

Once you’re club is set up you can then enter your club into any of our Cheerleading competitions! UKCA competitions are exciting events where everyone is encouraged to take part, demonstrate a high level of skills and have fun.

You can find a list of our competitions on our website or go to where you will find a list of our upcoming competitions.

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