Hard Work & Dedication

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Hard Work & Dedication

At UKCA our mission is to provide a positive channel for health and social education through Cheerleading to all regardless of gender, class, creed, culture, race or physical limitation. Our vision is for all of our members to benefit from the sport of Cheerleading in as many ways as possible including confidence building and raising self-esteem, development of trust and friendship, education through โ€˜FUNโ€™ on health and social issues and access to sporting and health opportunities that promote drive and focus.

Encouraging a positive mental attitude is paramount at UKCA which is why we reward our competitors with Spirit Awards at every competition. Enthusiasm is a vital part of young people’s development, particularly in sport. It helps to build confidence, self-belief and hard work.

With this in mind we wanted to share the exceptional dedication of one of our very own UKCA members. Maddison, a junior athlete from BGC, has been religiously stretching every night at home for 6 months to improve her Needle stunt.

Maddison’s improvement is proof that hard work really pays off and her dedication is an inspiration.

We are proud of you, say we are proud of you!

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