Education Pathway – Start your Journey in 2016

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Education Pathway – Start your Journey in 2016

As the National Organisation for Cheerleading, UKCA is committed to providing exciting development opportunities for young people and adults. We take pride in the knowledge that our participants are gaining from the health and social benefits of the sport. Our missions is to provide a positive channel for health and social education through Cheerleading to all regardless of gender, class, creed, culture, race or physical limitations.

We are honoured to have such a diverse range of participants within the UK and similarly we are proud to offer such an extensive range of training courses for Coaches, Cheerleaders, Judges, Officials, Young Leaders and Volunteers in the disciplines of Cheerleading, Stunting, Tumbling, Street Cheer, Cheer Dance & Pom Dance. We want to encourage everyone to have fun doing what they enjoy. This is why we introduced the UKCA Education Pathway to help our participants get the most out of the sport and the association.

The UKCA Education Pathway helps you to find the pathway in the sport that is best for you. The pathway is designed to show you which steps you need to take in your development to reach the point in the sport that you desire. If you want to progress to an Advanced Stunter then the pathway will show you the steps you must take to become eligible. If you currently hold a Cheerleading Basic Skills award and wish to become an Advanced Tumbler, the pathway will show you the way.

The pathway has a handy guide for you to determine which Level from 1 – 5 you are at and also lets you know what your current award makes you eligible for in other cheerleading categories. It also caters for information regarding UKCA Judge and Officials Training qualifications. Each step of the pathway has a brief run down of the courses and additional information that can be accessed by clicking the individual steps of the pathway.

If you are ready to start your Cheerleading journey or want to take the next step on your pathway visit the UKCA Education Pathway today at You can find out more about our courses at

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