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Create a Cheerleading Squad

Are you struggling to find a Cheerleading Squad in your area? Maybe you’ve found a Squad, but it’s a little too far to travel. Or you just want to start up a Cheerleading team of your very own. There are many ways that the UK Cheerleading Association can help you to set up your own Club/Squad.


There are areas on our website that you will find helpful when you are Setting Up a Club/Squad. There are specific qualifications which you will need to have in place before you can officially set up a Club with us. This is because you must be a fully trained Cheerleading Coach to successfully set up a Club. These qualifications are essential for you to be able to teach Cheerleading moves and choreography. Further important measures must be in place ranging from qualifications, insurance, DBS certificate, first aid certificate and club structure information and much more must all be in place.


Setting up a Club of your own can be great to train Cheerleaders for our Competitions. With the Winter Championships 2015 only around the corner on the 5th & 6th December, there’s still time to create a new Squad and compete! Train and practice and come along to Manchester to show us and the Judges what you’re made of!


So if you are thinking about setting up a Cheerleading Club, then you can take a look at our helpful information and get started! We love welcoming new Coaches, Cheerleaders and members to the UKCA.

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