Host a Course in 2015!

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Host a Course in 2015!

We often receive queries surrounding courses across The UK & NI. We organise many courses however, if you are struggling to source an event near you then you can easily host a course. This is a fantastic way to boost your qualifications within your Cheer squad, which then allows you to compete at a higher level in our competitions which run throughout the year.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing then please do not hesitate to contact us here. You only need a minimum of 10 people on your course for it to go ahead. To host a closed course means that you will source the entrants, however, an open course will allow people to book & register their attendance. It is up to you which kind of course you would like to hold. The maximum amount of people who can attend your event is 30, unless another number is agreed with The UKCA when booking.


We will support your event completely by providing promotional posters for you & emailing them over to you in advance of your course. Please be aware that if your course involves tumbling & stunting you must make sure that you have the appropriate mats and gymnastic equipment at your venue. This is important in regards of safety for all involved. Lunch is an important aspect of the day which must be organised. You’ll need to let people know whether they need to bring food with them or if there are facilities at your chosen venue.

Hosting a course is a great way to utilise your organisational skills & help others in the UKCA build on their talents.

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