Winter Championships Review

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Winter Championships Review

The UKCA Winter Championships 2014! This weekend brought around our highly anticipated UKCA Winter Championships at the National Cycling Centre, and what an event it turned out to be!

Saturday kicked off our final UKCA Comp’ of the year with the typical skill and cheer spirit and it carried right throughout the weekend. As we have come to expect from our cheerleaders we were treated to some fantastic performances and with the raw talent of our competitors noticeable on both days of the competition. We’d like to offer our congratulations to all of the squads who took part and say thank you for making it such a fantastic weekend to be a part of!

On Saturday the cheer and stunt teams blew the crowd away with some superb, acrobatic routines and the Street Cheer teams put in some sublime performances on Sunday. The Pom Dancers were typically terrific and the costumes of all of the squads were fabulous, as always!

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The standard of every squad who took part in the championships made picking the stand-out performers a difficult task for our judges, indeed. However, our skilled experts have a keen eye for the exceptional performers and were able to decide on a winner for each category. Click here to view a full list of the UKCA Winter Championships award winners.

Of course with every UKCA Competition there are the all important Cheer Spirit Awards. Cheer Spirit Awards are given to the teams who display an outstanding level of positivity, support and spirit throughout the day.

On Saturday, Rayz All-Stars were awarded the Milano Spirit Award after their brilliant performances and unwavering encouragement for everybody throughout the day. Urban Angels were awarded Sunday’s Insure4sport Spirit Award for the positivity they exuded for themselves and their peers during the day’s competition.

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As this is our last event of the year we also had some very special UKCA awards to give out to those who gave an outstanding contribution in 2014.

Volunteer of the year – Grace Baines

Development of the year – Tracy Ray

Coach Award – Harriet Hooley

Club Development – Next Level Dance

Club Development – Factory Dance Academy

Street Cheer Coach Of The Year – Megan Murray

Here are all of our award winners…




At the UKCA we feel blessed to work with such a fantastic roster of squads and talented cheerleaders/dancers, you guys are a pleasure to work with! It is important to acknowledge and say thank you to all of the excellent coaches who share their knowledge with our competitors and train them to an exceptionally high standard that ensures maximum safety and performance. We’d also like to thank our fabulous volunteers who help to make all of our competitions run smoothly.

Overall, our UKCA Winter Championships have been a success, as have all of our competitions in 2014. We’d like to thank everybody who’s been involved and wish you a Merry Christmas and see you in March 2015!

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