Ready For The Winter Championships?

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Ready For The Winter Championships?

So, we know that you might think that we are talking about the Winter Championships a bit early but… it is much sooner than you think! Yes, we are in September now, but next week it is the start of October which means that there is only 8 weeks of training left. Scary, right? Well, it need not be! Considering the skills that were showed in June and July we are almost nervous at the skill we are sure to see in December. We are prepared to be blown away!


There are going to be many different categories of Cheerleading across to competition. Which is your favourite? Remember there are also categories for individual performances. So, if you want to compete separately to your Cheer squad then why not go solo? Not only will you have all the support from your entire team but all members of The UKCA support all Cheerleaders! Especially, when performing on their own. So don’t be scared to enter alone!


Don’t forget to register with us to be able to compete in December. Also, family, friends and spectators are welcome at all of our competitions that we run. If you are looking to be impressed with some fantastic talent then get your tickets here.

Simply, fill on your form and purchase you tickets in advance. We can’t wait for the competition!

Get your pom poms at the ready because The Winter Championships are rolling around on the 6th and the 7th of December 2014!

Let’s go The UKCA!

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