A fab weekend at The European Cheerleading Championships 2014!

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A fab weekend at The European Cheerleading Championships 2014!

We had an absolutely fantastic time at the European Cheerleading Championships, what a great weekend! The talent and skill shown at each competition truly blew us away. We’d like to congratulate all of the competing squads and everybody who took part in the event. Not only the competitors themselves, but those who were there to join in the fun with us too! We always have such brilliant volunteers who work so hard at each event.


The categories were so impressive, Partner Stunt really stood out this year – wow! It’s incredible the level of skill you all have! Street Cheer was also brilliant with lots of creative costumes added into routines to maximise the stylistic dance routines. But, really we loved all the categories and you all worked that floor!


The hosts this year were wonderful and kept the whole arena buzzing with electricity! It was great to have resident DJ Caino and Jason along with their new team Lane and Vicky. Lane had such energy and Vicky’s singing really added a fun element to the day!

We had lots of fun making the, “My favourite thing about today…” video series featuring everyone from the Polish Cheerleaders, to the judges. Check them out on our Instagram account … Honestly, they will make you giggle!


With one more competition over, we can’t wait for the Winter Competition! So get training hard, work as a team, support each other and be ready to impress us even more in December! And remember, we are proud of you!

“You know you make me wanna cheer, cheer, cheer!”

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