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Exciting News!

The European Cheerleading Association Annual meeting was hosted by UKCA in Manchester last weekend.

Revised Rules for 2014
Revised rules for 2014 were accepted and we are pleased to announce the inclusion of new categories to the European Cheerleading Championships 2014.
The following categories, in addition to the existing categories of Cheerleading, Group Stunt, Partner Stunt and Cheer Dance are:
Pom Dance
Transitional Street Cheer
Masters Age Division

Doubles Dance
We are also very excited to be hosting the first ECC to include Doubles Dance in:

  • Pom Dance
  • Street Cheer
  • Cheer Dance

As UKCA do not have Doubles Dance Categories in our National Cheerleading Championships, the selection of these entries will be offered to teams competing in the relevant categories at the discretion of the judging panel.

In view of this exciting development, we have now extended the entry deadline for the UKCA National Cheerleading Championships (15/16th March) to Monday 17th February. Allowing time for additional Pom Dance, Street Cheer and Masters entries.

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