Cheerleading Hits The Headlines

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Cheerleading Hits The Headlines

Cheerleading is in the press today in a big way. Tory MP Helen Grant has suggested that more women should take up sport. She say’s that Cheerleading is a fantastic way to encourage women to get involved in more activity.

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Here at UKCA, we wholeheartedly agree! Not just women either, people of all ages are involved with Cheerleading up and down the country.

We feel that this is a very positive announcement and that the government are finally beginning to acknowledge what we have known all along – Cheerleading is a sport! And a fantastic one at that. We have over 7000 people attending with over 4000 competing in our Cheerleading comp happening in just 3 weeks time!

Cheerleading at Manchester Velodrome

The announcement has also led to some debate, with certain people saying that encouraging women to take up a ‘feminine’ sport is sexist. Here at the UKCA, we think that anything that encourages the people of the UK to take up this awesome sport can only be a good thing.

Anyone who has tried Cheerleading or actively partakes in the sport will know that it is not for the faint hearted! The hours and hours of rehearsals, the highs and the heartbreaks – we know just how dedicated you have to be!

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We are very pleased to see Cheerleading getting recognition in the press, this is a big step forward. What do you think about the news? What’s your opinion? Get in touch and let us know – we’d love to hear from.

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