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In Celebration of the LONDON 2012 Olympics came to a successful climax on Friday 27th July at the OZONE Belfast

The two year Project was part of a major sport development programme in conjunction with Belfast City Council and Sport NI with select Sports Providers.

20 different sports were on offer with Cheerleading being one of the founder sports involved since the announcement of the project back in 2010.


UKCA Northern Ireland were proud to be an integral part of the long term project as a select Sport Provider having delivered workshops to over 2,000 children in all of the Belfast City Council’s Leisure Centres over the two year period.

Cheerleading has proven that it has a major impact to play by inclusion, promoting healthy lifestyles, whilst boosting worthwhile skilled physical activity.


UKCA has witnessed the opening of two brand new Cheerleading clubs in both North & East Belfast as a result of the provision of these ‘Come & Try’ Sessions giving children and their parents a taste of a dynamic sport which has been up to now relatively alien and misunderstood.


It was also a delight to have newly qualified UKCA Cheerleading Coaches from the Belfast Council Sport Development Unit assist UKCA NI Rep Karen Graham on the final day of activity, further proof of the growth and development of the sport in this region and the success of UKCA’s Coach Education programme in Northern Ireland.







Saturday 25th August 2012 witnesses the organisation deliver further workshops through the ASDA ACTIVE PROGRAMME in conjunction with FIA and Sport England.


UKCA Cheerleaders will be demonstrating their skills and there will be plenty of opportunities to try the activity.


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