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Urban Cheer

What is Urban Cheer?
Urban Cheer is a brand new element of Cheerleading, a unique fusion of street dance and Cheerleading moves. You’ll find the funkiest, most up to date dance moves combined with Cheerleading chants and cheers. Ultimately, it brings a fresh and interesting twist to both the street dance style and to traditional Cheerleading.

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What is the difference between Urban Cheer and traditional Cheerleading?
Urban Cheer does not involve any stunting – Cheerleading does. Urban Cheer
moves originate from Hip-Hop and Street Dance styles. The execution is more relaxed and less technical, but the same power and energy is required. Cheerleading moves are neat, precise and very structured. Urban Cheer would be performed/taught to a different style of music, the influence is RnB, Hip Hop, and more urban sounds. The music is always very current and younger audiences identify with it.

Do you need any experience in StreetDance or Cheerleading to participate?
No, you can master the style of Urban Cheer without being an experienced Street Dancer or Cheerleader. It is recommended however for all new coaches to attend the Basic Skills Cheerleading course as it is a good starting point. Attending Street Dance classes will also help
develop the style.

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Can you compete at Festivals and National Competitions in Urban Cheer?
Yes! Urban cheer is a big part of our competitions and championships and we also organise Street Games Regional events, Urban Cheer festivals and performances at local/regional levels.

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What does an example Urban Cheer Course Cover?
Foundation Urban Cheer Skills
Β£95 per person

1 day (6hr) course introducing the basics of Urban Cheer. Mixed practical and theory, the course will cover:

13 Basic Skills
Cheers and Chants
Jump technique and examples
Locking (an urban dance technique of isolating different areas of the body)
Freestyle (individual dancing, not choreographed or structured, free expression)
Floor work (none weight bearing)
Counting and timing
Lesson planning
Health & Safety

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