Cheer4All International Competition Results – UK Teams

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Cheer4All International Competition Results – UK Teams

Congratulations to all our UK Teams that competed at the Cheer4All International competition in Milan, Italy.

Results for UK Teams

Cheerleading Minis:
1st: Apex Lightning

Cheerleading Junior:
1st: Apex Cheer
2nd: Puma
4th: Bicester ECU Gold Dust

Cheerleading Junior Mixed:
1st: Barlborough Bears

Cheerleading Senior:
1st: Barlborough Bears
2nd: Bicester ECU Gravity

Cheerleading Masters:
1st: Apex Raven

Cheerleading Solo Junior:
1st: Rosie – Puma
2nd: Annaliese – Puma
3rd: Zara – Apex Cheer

Group Stunt Minis:
1st: Bicester ECU Mercury

Group Stunt Junior:
1st: Apex Cheer

Group Stunt Senior:
1st: Apex Cheer
2nd: Clarets

Group Stunt Senior Mixed:
1st: ⁠Apex Valkyrie

Cheerleading Grand Champions:
Apex Cheer Junior Cheerleading

Cheer Dance Minis:
1st: Puma Love

Cheer Dance Juniors:
1st: Puma Abstract

Cheer Dance Solo Minis:
1st: Isla – Puma

Cheer Dance Solo Junior:
1st: Bonnie – Puma

Cheer Dance Doubles Minis:
1st: Holly & Orlaith – Puma

Cheer Dance Doubles Junior:
1st: Erin & Ruby – Puma

Urban Cheer Minis:
1st: Puma Team Barbie

Urban Cheer Senior:
1st: Clarets

Urban Cheer Solo Junior:
1st: Bonnie – Puma

Urban Cheer Doubles Minis:
1st: Lady & Blu-Belle – Puma

Urban Cheer Doubles Junior:
1st: Indie & Matilda-Mae – Puma

Urban Cheer Doubles Senior:
1st: Emma & Grace – Clarets

Pom Dance Minis:
1st: Puma Party Pom

Pom Dance Junior:
1st: Puma Magic

Pom Dance Senior:
1st: Clarets Vibe
2nd: Olympus

Pom Dance Masters:
1st: Clarets Divas

Pom Dance Solo Minis:
1st: Lady – Puma

Pom Dance Solo Junior:
1st: Rosie – Puma

Pom Dance Doubles Minis:
1st: Isla & Bryn – Puma

Pom Dance Doubles Junior:
1st: Elizabeth & Freya – Puma

Pom Dance Doubles Senior:
1st: Molly & Katie – Clarets

Grand Champion Dance:
Puma Abstract – Junior Cheer Dance

Grand Champion Individual:
Bonnie – Puma – Junior Cheer lightning Solo

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