Summer and National Schools Cheer & Dance Championships June 2022 – Review

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Summer and National Schools Cheer & Dance Championships June 2022 – Review

On Saturday, June 25th, we held our summer cheer and dance championships! The next Sunday, June 26th, we held our Schools Championships! Cheer and dance teams competed at Belle Vue Sports Village where we witnessed some of the elite cheer talents from across the UK.

Holding both competitions over one weekend was a lot of fun and we were blown away by the sheer talent on display!

A huge round of applause to the competitors, coaches, clubs, mascots, parents and spectators for making the weekend the very best it could possibly be.

Summer Cheer & Dance Championships 

Saturday’s Summer Cheer and Dance Championship saw athletes competing in Group Stunts, Cheerleading, Urban Cheer, Cheer Dance, and Pom Dance across all levels, plus, the Mascot Showdown.

All of the teams continued to wow us through a full day of healthy competition. Just massive congratulations to each and every team who placed. You should all be so proud of yourselves, you showed up and gave it your absolute best!

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A special shoutout to the two teams taking home the coveted Mascot Showdown trophies! The Apex Cheetah and the Flux Flamingo gave us such stellar performances! Congratulations!

Well done to our Grand Champions!

Grand Champion Cheer: Clarets Zodiac with a score of 86!

Grand Champion Dance: Hartlepool Hawks Clarity with a score of 91!

National Schools Cheer & Dance Championships

Sunday’s Schools Championships saw talented athletes competing in Cheerleading, Disability Cheerleading, Pom Dance, Disability Pom Dance, and Urban Cheer across all levels, plus the Mascot Showdown.

The Hillstars Thunder opened the Championships with their Level 2 Cheerleading performance. Absolutely incredible!! They set the stage for a day of talented performances from our nation’s schools. We were all blown away by the cheer, dance, and stunts on display! Every single one of you should be as proud of yourselves as we all our of you. Huge congratulations!

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A big round of applause to the Oasis Academy Oldham Lion who took home the Mascot Showdown trophy. Roar!

We would love to extend a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts, to all the organisers, staff, volunteers, and stewards who ensured this event ran smoothly. We couldn’t do this without you!

To our spectators: Thank you for bringing YOUR a-game to create the best atmosphere possible and cheer on all these spectacular teams. There’s nothing like our cheer family and friends!!

Finally, to our hosts: Thank you for guiding us through yet another fun-filled weekend!

Check out some of the awesome highlights from the weekend: 

Once again, a huge, ecstatic congratulations to every single competitor who made the Summer Cheer & Dance Championships and the National Schools Cheer & Dance Championships the outstanding events they were. The tosses, cartwheels, and landings were all on POINT. 

See you at the next competition! 

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