Judges Top Tips: Building a Successful Routine

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Judges Top Tips: Building a Successful Routine

The Judges are always looking for a clean, high energy routine which demonstrates a variety of skills.

* Look carefully at the relevant score sheet and try to include all elements which will be judged.

* Use high energy music and work on the stamina of the Cheerleaders so they can keep performing right to the end of the routine.

* Demonstrate a variety of skills for each element i.e. don’t repeat the same jump over and over, show different types of jumps. This is the same for tumbles and stunts.

* Carefully plan the choreography to include cannon and ripples.

* Think about transitions and formations to keep the routine interesting. Try not to have Cheerleaders moving too much or right across the floor. Make the changes slick and clever.ย 

* Work on performance skills. The judges love to see Cheerleaders smiling and enjoying themselves.ย 

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