Cheerleading Now Available on Playwaze

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Cheerleading Now Available on Playwaze

Last year Playwaze announced they would now support Cheerleading in the UK on their platform. Playwaze are the leading digital platform for managing and participating in grassroots and community sport and physical activity. 

As an established online club management platform, Playwaze are supporting the sport of Cheerleading and its clubs in returning to Cheer safely with a track and trace system in place for you and your members. 

Using the Playwaze Activities feature, your club can:

1. Host your club’s activities and sessions online

Ready to take registrations as part of your club’s Return To Play measures.

2. Advertise your club’s activities and sessions on your website

By embedding an easy-to-use widget on your club’s website provided on the Playwaze Platform.

3. Advertise your club’s sessions on National Activity Finders

Simply by ticking a box when you create your activities and sessions!

4. Track attendance at your club’s activities and sessions online and in the app

Easy to do when you’re on-the-go via the app on your phone, track who attends so you know how popular your sessions are, and so that you know who attended should you need to contact them.

5. Contact your members and session attendees via an app push notification

Using your club community’s News Feed, or via your Activity Chat, reach out to your members and session attendees with any important information or Covid-related updates.

As a club you’ll be able to use – or continue using if you’re already online – Playwaze for free, and you’ll be able to very simply upgrade the features you need unlimited access to online on a monthly or annual online subscription. You can find out more about pricing, including what Free and Unlimited pricing looks like via the UK Cheer partner page.

There’s More!

Furthermore Playwaze recently announced that a number of paid features would be offered free of charge to help clubs through this challenging time.

Great news for your participants and members, who won’t be asked to pay by us!
We’re giving you a free level of access to all features

You’ll be able to manage one repeating activity, one tournament, one league, one ladder, one leaderboard, one challenge, one reward, one course, and volunteering opportunity per community, for absolutely nothing!

Playwaze‘s new feature-based pricing means you only pay for the features you need unlimited access to, monthly or annually.

You can find out more about the new pricing model, including what new Free and Unlimited pricing looks like via their pricing page.

As part of the announcement that the sport of Cheerleading will now be available on Playwaze are offering you a 20% discount on all Playwaze subscriptions you take out for 12 months from your first use of the unique UK Cheer discount code!

To use, click the button below or simply enter the following discount code when prompted:

Enter UKCHEER20OFF at checkout for 20% off!

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