Your Inspiring Stories of 2020: Tia

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Your Inspiring Stories of 2020: Tia

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been asking you to share your inspiring stories and achievements that have kept you going through the turbulent year that 2020 has been to shine a light on the positive moments of these uncertain times.

This is Tia’s story…

Tia is 12 and a member of ECA Cirencester Cheer in Gloucestershire. For Tia and her family 2020 has been especially challenging. Along with the uncertainty and the restrictions created by COVID-19, Tia and her Mum self-isolated together for 15 weeks due to her Mum’s medical condition.

“When lockdown hit I was very unwell needing urgent surgery. Due to my health Tia couldn’t even go out out for a walk.”

Despite the difficult times, Tia showed incredible Cheer Spirit, helping Doctors and Nurses who would visit them and keeping her Mum’s spirits high. When Tia’s friends invited her to go for a socially distanced walk during lockdown Tia was unable to go however she still chose to see the positive side and made sure to check-in with her friends when possible.

“At 12 this was a lot of additional pressure but Tia didn’t complain! She even sent gifts and encouragement to friends who she felt were in need.”

Recently, reality star Jamie Laing and his confectionary company partnered with the charity HEROES to search for, recognise and say a big thank you to the heroes of the pandemic. Tia’s mum nominated the Cheerleader and Tia was subsequently featured as one of the campaign’s “HERO of the Week”.

As well as featuring on social media as a hero, Tia also received a personal video message from the reality star himself who said,

“Hey Tia it’s me Jamie…I just want to say that you are a complete hero. I’ve heard about your Mum’s medical condition, I’ve heard that you’ve been locked down for 15 weeks…I heard you haven’t complained once. Big Thumbs up to you hunny, sending all our love!”.

Tia’s Mum said the story shows the massive impact young people can make during difficult times.

“…it also sent a message our young people can be a hero and make a huge difference! I had my surgery during lockdown and had had a few emergency re-admission since but Tia is as always my personal Cheerleader. That spirit is something that radiates.”

We’d like to say a huge well done to Tia for her incredible spirit and massive thank you to Helen, her proud Cheer Mum for sharing this inspiring story. We wish you all the best for the future! We are proud of you!

We want to celebrate the personal journeys, victories & accomplishments that have kept you going throughout this difficult year. Share your inspiring stories with your Cheerleading community using #UKCA or email them to us at and we’ll shine a light on the positive moments of 2020!

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