Introducing UKCA Coach Resources

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Introducing UKCA Coach Resources

Our online coaching resources are made to support and assist coaches in the successful running of their Cheerleading club. The resources include everything from video tutorials of exercises and warm-ups, example skills used in competitions and example documentation.

Anyone with a UKCA qualification will have access to the relevant Coach Toolbox and upon completion of new UKCA qualifications you’ll gain access to related resources and supporting course documentation. For example, if you hold a UKCA Leadership Award you will have access to the Leadership Resources, when you successfully complete a Foundation Cheerleading Skills course, the Foundation Cheerleading Skills will become available to you too.

Here’s how you access the resources:

Sign in to your UKCA account and select Dashboard in the top right of your screen

Navigation to the “Coach Resources” tab in your Dashboard

Here you will see the “Coach Toolbox” and resources available to you based on your current UKCA Qualifications, such as “Disability Resources”, “Leadership Resources” and “Found Cheerleading Skills Resources”.

The Coach Toolbox includes resources developed to give coaches a strong foundation to their club.

Qualification related resources such as “Leadership Resources” include downloadable reading material from your initial course and Video Lessons for you to follow with tips for you to implement in your own sessions.

Over the coming months we’ll be refining and developing more resources to help coaches continue to educate and inspire new Cheer athletes.

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