Information from UKCA on COVID-19

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Information from UKCA on COVID-19


The Government in England has announced that a number of restrictions will be lifted on the 25th of July and the information below provides guidance around activities and clubs for children.

Please see below the following guidance and consider if you have in the place the following;  


You will be required to identify a competent person responsible for ensuring that measures are in place to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 within the club

The designated person could be your head coach, safeguarding officer or club volunteer

The designated person is responsible for:

  • ensuring the risk assessment is carried out
  • the control measures are in place and being adhered to

The club has a responsibility to maintain daily registers of staff and members who are in the facility and a note of the date and time they attended. If somebody who has been in your facility tests positive for COVID-19, the NHS test and trace may ask the infected person or their carer to provide details of anyone they have been in contact with. These registers will assist in this process.

It is important to make parents/guardians and carers aware, that the club may have to provide personal details (names and 2 types of contact numbers) of attendees to the NHS test and trace if they request it. GDPR information and FAQS can be found here.

Cheerleading sessions 

Social distancing must be adhered to at all times and no contact is permitted between coaches and cheerleaders, or cheerleaders and cheerleaders until the government removes or reviews social distancing. (Please refer to the Government Guidance regularly as this detail may be subject to change.) 

Activity planned and delivered should be appropriate for socially distanced coaching and no spotting is permitted under the current guidelines.

Clubs and coaches are advised to use this period to focus on improving skills which would include arm motions, jumps, tumbles and build upon strength training, flexibility, and conditioning.

Dance sessions 

As with cheerleading social distancing must be adhered to at all times and no contact is permitted between coaches and dancers, or dancers and dancers until the government removes or reviews social distancing. Ensure dance content is based on solo movement without physical or spatial interaction. 


If carers are required to support within the session, you must ensure they are considered when planning your activity, the space being used, and the impact on your ratios.  

Capacity numbers

Due to clubs operating in different venues and environments, there is no definitive maximum capacity for clubs. Each club is responsible for ensuring they can operate safety based on their own venue/s and will need to define the maximum capacity that can follow social distancing. Clubs who operate within a space that is managed by an external provider e.g. leisure centre/school hall will need to speak to the venue regarding total capacity available and the capacity available within hired space as long as it does not go below current government guidelines for social distancing e.g. you may decide to operate on 2m by 2m area for each participant or a 3m by 3m area. 

Coaches should adhere to social distancing guidelines, therefore, would not need PPE. PPE would be recommended for cleaning and first aid purposes.

Mandatory Measures

• Social Distancing of at least 2m

• No contact between coaches and cheerleaders/dancers

• Up to date contact details and registers must be kept

• A designated person to manage control measures and risk assessment

Recommended Measures

• PPE for cleaning & First Aid

• Temperature checks on arrival 

• Temporary floor marking defining each individual space

• Providing Handwashing or hand sanitising facilities at entry and exit

• A 10-minute period between session crossover to allow for exiting and cleaning

If located in Wales, Northern Ireland, or Scotland, please follow home country guidelines.

Please ensure that your PPL/PRS cover adheres to current music licensing requirements for online platforms.


Due to the continuously developing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation some of the information in this article may not be up-to-date.

Please read our current Return to Cheerleading document for guidance.

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