Sport & Recreation Alliance Profile Cheerleading in the UK

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Sport & Recreation Alliance Profile Cheerleading in the UK

This week, as part of a new series profiling captivating sports and activities in the UK, Sport & Recreation Alliance featured our wonderful sport.

The first of the series titled Inside the World of Cheerleading in the UK features an interview with the UK Cheerleading Association’s Chief Executive, Pat Hawkins, and touches on the basics of Cheerleading, its scoring system, how people can get involved and the future of the sport we love.

“Cheerleading is a fun sport, accessible to all, where individuals can come together as part of an extended family. It can be both recreational and competitiveΒ and there are several disciplines under the one umbrella…

Cheerleading promotes teamwork, friendship and fun, whilst setting individual goals, both physical and mental, to enhance wellbeing.

It’s the sport of smiles”

To read the full article visit Inside the world of Cheerleading in the UK and make sure you share with your friends and family who might also be interested in learning more about Cheerleading and how to get involved themselves.

We’d like to say thank you to Sport & Recreation Alliance for shining a light on our rapidly growing sport and we look forward to seeing more of their insights on the sport and activities of its members over the coming weeks!

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