Olympus Nationals Success Story

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Olympus Nationals Success Story

After the loss of the 17 flights through the administration of their airline, 7 athletes and 10 parents of Olympus Girls Club, Belfast, Northern Ireland were left out-of-pocket and without flights to Manchester for the UKCA National Cheerleading Championships.

Olympus performed exceptionally well at the UKCA Northern Ireland National Championships 2020 just a month earlier and their talented squad were due to test their skills at National level against teams from all across the United Kingdom.

However due to the unfortunate collapse of their bookings, Olympus were left with the very real prospect of being without a significant number of their athletes for one of the biggest weekends in the competitive Cheerleading calendar.

With just 10 days to go to competition day, the club shared the news with their social media followers that a number of their squad’s flights had been lost and that athletes and their families had been left out-of-pocket and unable to rebook flights and asked if their was anyone who could help.

In an amazing display of Cheer Spirit, Olympus’ local community rallied around the club of 51 years to help fundraise for alternative travel arrangements for the athletes and their dedicated parents.

Thanks to the generous donations of the local community and beyond, Olympus announced that they had been able to secure flights for the unlucky squad members and their parents and they would be able to join their teammates in Manchester for the UKCA National Cheerleading Championships 2020.

Olympus took the National Championships by storm winning multiple awards and taking home the Insure4Sport Spirit Award on Sunday!

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An amazing success story we’re sure you’ll agree. Well done to the Olympus team and their local community for their incredible Cheer spirit in the face of adversity! We are proud of you!

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